BIBPC #3 Final Category (#7)

Yipes! It's almost over! 😮  **UPDATE** I just now got Livtayy's photo, (bad me) so now Popsicle is ahead. Aria K.A. Livtayy AnonymousA Christian Homeschooler Addylover Points Earned this Time: 80 Total Points: 367 Cookie Anika Reya Sarah Ali Points Earned this Time: 61 Total Points: 357   Louise Allison Nabila at Hot Town Cool … Continue reading BIBPC #3 Final Category (#7)

Little Bits of Farm Life

Hello everyone! Usually in my 'Farm Life' category, I do main farm happenings (projects, new equipment, etc.), but what about the little pieces? Well, here's a post just for that. 🙂 Here are a few things that have been happening around the farm. Carpentry My little sister and my two brothers play chess a LOT. … Continue reading Little Bits of Farm Life

Photo of the Week ~ 8 – 24 – 15

This is a picture of a tree frog we caught at Amelia Island.  Isn't he pretty?

Peepers and Geese

Howdeedoo?! This title sort of reminds me of a parrot saying, "pieces of eight, pieces of eight, BWAK!" ("Peepers and geese, peepers and geese, HONK!")  Anwho, around May our pond usually has some animals in it (besides snapping turtles, >:C, and bugs) and the major ones right now are geese and (spring) peepers.  The geese have … Continue reading Peepers and Geese

Animals Around the Farm-Part 1🐾

I decided to do a series of posts about some of the animals around our farm. In the first part you will get a sneak peek of all the animals I will be showing you. Maggie and Jinx I'm going to put these two together in one post. Tadpoles and Frog (Bubble) We caught the tadpoles … Continue reading Animals Around the Farm-Part 1🐾