Black & White Bovine

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a good Tuesday. As I was typing the title I realized that our bovine are naturally black and white, but the cows I'll be showing you today are actually some cows that just moved to our farm and are not black and white, although the pictures are. The lighting … Continue reading Black & White Bovine

In Which I Take a Walk and Get Eaten by Cows

A few days ago I decided I would go outside and talk a walk in a place we call 'The Sycamores'.  (Sycamores are types of trees 😉 ) Maggie jogged along with me and stopped to chat with the cows along the way. She used to be so scared of them! On the other side … Continue reading In Which I Take a Walk and Get Eaten by Cows

Animals Around the Farm-Part 1🐾

I decided to do a series of posts about some of the animals around our farm. In the first part you will get a sneak peek of all the animals I will be showing you. Maggie and Jinx I'm going to put these two together in one post. Tadpoles and Frog (Bubble) We caught the tadpoles … Continue reading Animals Around the Farm-Part 1🐾

Baby Animals 🐮

Here are some pictures of animals on our farm, and on my aunt's farm. Goslings! A goose made her nest by our pond and now she has 5 goslings! While we were down at the pond, we discovered that the daddy goose has a leg band on. We hope the snapping turtle will not get the goslings. … Continue reading Baby Animals 🐮