A Most Unusual Room Tour (Featuring Everyone’s Favorite Dresser Handle)

*NOTE: Sorry to everyone who’s already seen this. I had to repost this and delete the other post (including a few comments 😦 ) because for some reason WordPress made this post get “posted” on January 8. Also a paragraph got deleted somehow right in front of the big star.*


Today I thought I’d post a room tour. But this isn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill room tour. No cliche fairy lights and posters with quotes. Not that I don’t like those, but I like a balance between the nice-to-look at and the interesting-to-look-at. So today I shall show you the interesting things that are in the room I share with my sister. “Aesthetic” seems to be about the best compliment you can get for your room, and this room tour is not aesthetic. But hopefully you’ll enjoy it anyway!

Alright, I’m going to start with something on my dresser. Anyone have a guess?




It’s Walter the dresser handle, mentioned in this post. Here’s a gold star if you remember that!

gold star

Walter is the only dresser handle that’s upside down on the dresser. I don’t quite know why. But anyway, he’s a good dresser handle.

Also in that dresser is my Tossed Sock Salad. I usually just put all my socks unfolded into my sock drawer and stir them around. I prefer to have mismatching socks. It makes a lot of sense because then you don’t have to only wear the green socks, you can wear two at once! Right now I have two teal socks on but they have different patterns.


This is a cat button. Clara sent me this in the mail. I’m not sure why there are two matches in that hole, but it makes it look like the cat has legs. 😛


This is Samwise and Samwise Jr. everyone! Samwise is a spray painted Osage Orange/hedgeapple and Samwise Jr. is a spray painted walnut. Samwise is kind of molding so I have to keep repainting him. I plan to spray-paint two pinecones and name them Merry and Pippin, and then I need something for Frodo.

Not pictured is my encouraging rock. The seventh of January was Old Rock Day, and I found a rock stuck in the ice. I pulled it out and put in on the bank for safe-keeping. I call it my encouraging rock because… I’m not sure why. I think maybe I was saying it could encourage me from the sidelines? Anyway. I think I might spray paint that one too.

**UPDATE: I have now spray painted the rock and pinecones and two little sweetgum spikes. (Pippin Jr. and Merry Jr.) I still haven’t found a Frodo**

Alright. Moving on…


ARNOLD! My lovely goose who guards my thumbtacks! I got Arnold about a year and a half ago. My grandparents moved and they let their children and grandchildren look through the stuff they didn’t want before they gave it away. If two people wanted the same thing we had an auction of sorts for it. My cousin also wanted the goose, who used to sit by my grandparent’s wood stove, but I got it in the end. I have kept it in my room ever since. I just recently gave Arnold his name.


(My bulletin board is less Christmas-y now.) My bulletin board isn’t that strange. There is the poor donkey with a tack through its back, and the self-assembled pineapple that Charis sent me, and the dried flowers that have faded. So I figured it was worth showing you. I hope you enjoyed that.


Lovely photo. Anyway, these paint splotches have been on the floor for as long as I can remember. I recently realized that they look like a mouse gazing upwards and a genie horse.

room 7



Next up is this cut off caterpillar. Allison and I got a bunch of photos from Shutterfly a while back and some of my pictures didn’t get cropped how I wanted them to. So now I have an interesting caterpillar picture.


There’s also my basket thing with over fifty pens/pencils/markers/highlighters. I don’t know how weird that is though.

Finally, I shall give you a peek at what is under my bed.


  1. Wreck This Journal – Clara gave me this. I had been wanting one for a while and I love it! I haven’t been doing stuff in it much lately though. (Wow, that sentence does not sound right.)
  2. Empty pack of baseball cards – I think that’s pretty self explanatory. It’s Clayton Kershaw on the front. I don’t like the Dodgers especially but Kershaw is alright.
  3. My brother’s flashlight – His old flashlight. Not sure why this is under my bed.
  4. My old watch – it’s dead now. It wasn’t when I first put it under there.
  5. An ancient bug field guide – I’m not sure how old this is, but it’s old. I had it in my room once when I was looking up earwigs.
  6. An abstract toothpaste and paper alpaca sculpture – excuse the typo in the image up there. Anyway, I made this alpaca a while ago. It was supposed to be with toothpaste and pop poms but I didn’t have pom poms. I like my alpaca sculpture quite a lot.
  7. An empty Canadian smarties package – my aunt and uncle and cousins from Canada sent me some Canadian smarties. They are basically M&Ms. They were quite yummy.
  8. Used sketch pages – from my nature notebook in my homeschool co-op.
  9. Deflated mini balloon – my friend gave this to me for my birthday and I had it under my bed and it deflated.
  10. Many letters from pen pals – basically one third of the stuff under my bed is letters, postcards, or cards.
  11. Crushed limited-edition Pepsi can – hey, this may be valuable someday!

And that concludes my room tour. I hope you enjoyed it!

anybody looking for a crushed limited edition pepsi can?

what would make a good spray-painted frodo? 

megan sign-off 2


64 thoughts on “A Most Unusual Room Tour (Featuring Everyone’s Favorite Dresser Handle)

  1. This was a GREAT post, Megan! It was really funny to read and was definitely not your ordinary room tour. 😛 (I’m afraid my room is very cliche-fairy-lights-and-posters-with-quotes-ish. XD)
    YAY WALTER! Tell him that he’s looking as good as ever! 😛 (Did you mean to put a giant gold star in between the first and second photos in this post? 🙂 )
    Oh dear, I had forgotten that I sent you that button. It looks funny with the match legs! XD
    Samwise and Samwise Jr. are so cute! Hmm, as for what you could use for Frodo…. how about an acorn?
    GASP. I LOVE ARNOLD! He looks very helpful for thumbtack-guarding.
    Ooh, your bulletin board is really pretty! I love it!
    Haha! The drawing with the paint splotches is quite funny. XD
    Ooh, I love how you decorated the cover of your Wreck This Journal! I want to cover mine with small objects that I glue on (flowers, buttons, bottle caps, etc.) but I haven’t collected enough things yet. Also, I can’t believe your toothpaste alpaca has survived so long. 😛
    Sorry, I’m not currently in the market for a crushed limited-edition Pepsi can. But thanks for the offer! XD

    -Clara ❤
    P.S: Yikes, I'm sorry that happened! 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANKS! Haha, it wasn’t. (Well those things are probably cliche because they’re so pretty. I love your room!)
      I’m sure Walter will appreciate that compliment!
      Yep, it’s been on my bed for a long time. 😛
      I think I might use an acorn for Frodo Jr. but I wanted something slightly bigger for Frodo.
      I KNOW! He’s a great goose.
      I’m glad you like it. 😛 My computer drawing skills are excellent (sarcasm).
      Thanks! Ooh, that would be super neat. I know! It’s a long living alpaca.
      Oh dear, how sad. I suppose I’ll live. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehe, well, that’s true. 😛 Thanks!
        My mom suggested a big rock for Frodo. Maybe that would work? I showed her, Julia, and Laura your post and we were laughing about how different your room tour was from Allison’s. It was hilarious! XD
        Sorry for your loss. I hope someone is interested in it. 😛


  2. Wow, lovely room! It’s so unique. Walter!! Haha, that’s hilarious. It’s the little imperfections that make things all the more memorable. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh, awesome post, Megan! Looks like you have some peculiar yet nice things in your room. I also really like the cover of your Wreck This Journal.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love that you have named those objects Samwise and Samwise jr. I love LotR! ❤ I'm not sure what might make a good spray-painted Frodo… hm… I'll have to think about it.
    This was a fun room-tour! Not the usual, of course, but i love it when somebody takes a post idea and makes it their own. Not a cliché look-how-aesthetic-my-room-is-room-tour. I enjoyed this a lot! 🙂


  5. Haha this was really fun to read and it’s definitely a unique and not your very ordinary room tour! 😛 Samwise and Samwise jr. are so cute! I love gold! The splotches of paint on the floor are quite funny. XD I’m like that; I always look at random things and decide they look like; for example a mermaid and a person on a beach chair. 😛


  6. WALTER! You’re back! We all missed ya. 😉 Ahem…
    I really loved this post, Megan. 😃It’s not your average room-tour, but it’s my new favorite kind of room-tour. 😀 Awesome job!!



  7. This was such a great post to read! Oh my goodness! It really does look like a genie horse and mouse! Interesting stuff.😊😍


  8. This is great! Thanks for the tour! ;-D XD
    I tend to have a lot of pens/pencils and things too XD . My pen jar has been getting stuffed lately and sometimes I practically balance pens upright in between the other ones because they don’t make it all the way in 😛 XD
    Walter is very neat, and you have some interesting stuff under your bed! 😀


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