Walter, The Story of an Unhappy Dresser Handle

Walter was an ordinary dresser handle, at least that’s what he thought. The only way he was different from the other handles was his name. While all the other handles were named Bob, he was named… Walter!

But one day all this changed for Walter. He noticed that the other handles often whispered to themselves, but never to him. He tried to talk to a Bob, but the Bob just looked away. Walter was shocked. This was too rude! He tried to talk to another Bob.

“Hey! Wanna chat?” He asked.

The Bob pretended that he wasn’t even there.

Now Walter knew that none of the Bobs liked him, but he had no idea why. He went over some things in his mind.

Am I mean? No.

Do I act weird? He really didn’t hardly do anything. He just sat there all day, occasionally getting pulled by a sweaty hand, then pushed rudely back into place. But so did all the other handles.

Then he looked in a mirror.  Walter nearly fainted from shock. Now he knew why the handles ignored him! He was upside down!

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 112 (1024x576)

He looked at all the other Bobs. He was the only handle on the entire dresser that was upside down!


Walter tried to twist himself right side up, but he just couldn’t do it.

It was months before Walter gave up trying to be normal. He had tried everything he could think up, but none worked.

He sighed. “I guess I’m just a…


Then, one day, The Girl came. She had a screwdriver in her hand. She opened Walter’s drawer and stuck her screwdriver in one of the screws.

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 116 (1024x576)

If Walter would have had a heart, it would have skipped a beat. He suddenly realized what The Girl was doing! She was going to unscrew him and flip him around! He stopped clinging against the drawer and loosened up as much as he could, then maybe The Girl would be able to get him off easier.

One screw down! Walter was overjoyed as his screw plopped onto the carpet.

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 117 (1024x576)

He swooped down sideways, tilting off of the dresser.

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 118 (1024x576)

She unscrewed his last screw annndd…

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 119 (1024x576)

Oomph! He fell down onto the carpet. Little pieces of carpet fuzz got in his mouth and his breath was gone for a second, but he couldn’t have been happier.

Just a few more minutes, then I’ll be like a Bob!

The Girl  stuck a screw into the hole.

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 120 (1024x576)

She put him on top of it and screwed it tight. Then she did the next. As she stepped back to survey her work, Walter was happy.

But only for about 28 seconds, then he looked and the mirror and grew afraid. He couldn’t hardly tell himself apart from all the others! They all looked the same! The only thing different was a faint black rim where his sharp metal edges had cut into the paint, leaving a mark.

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 122 (1024x576)Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 123 (1024x576)

Walter didn’t like this way, not at all. Soon people wouldn’t ever notice him, he would just be a Bob, nobody would care. he tried to twist back into his old position, but the screws were even tighter. Walter was stuck.

The Girl must have decided she didn’t like the black line, because she unscrewed him, turned him around and screwed him back. Walter was satisfied. He didn’t care what the Bobs said about him, he was Walter, and Walter he would stay.

Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 125 (1024x576)

Now whenever Walter hears the Bobs talk about him, he doesn’t care. He’ll just glance down at the little black line that his metal edges had made when he was a Bob for 28 seconds.


Lol! That was really fun to write. : ) Did you see the little black line in the eighth picture?

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