A Few DSLR Tidbits

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to be sharing some of my photography I’ve taken over the last little while with my sister’s DSLR. I don’t regularly use it, but Allison does let me take pictures with it occasionally. I LOVE DSLRS! That and a donkey are the top things on my wishlist.

Anyway, here are the photos!

I’ll go in chronological order. The first pictures I took the day of the eclipse (August 21). Our cousins came over to watch the eclipse and after that everyone went to our neighbor’s pool except my one cousin and I who decided not to go. So we sat on the front porch and took a few pictures with Allison’s camera and then made a ginormous evil cookie. It was fun.

megan's dslr photos (1)

Our cat, Tom, had just showed up a few days before this. He’s much bigger now.

megan's dslr photos (48)

One night Allison and I experimented with light painting. These two light paintings were done by her. The first one is “light shine bright”, and the second one is (sort of) a city.

megan's dslr photos (47)

megan's dslr photos (46)

The majority of the pictures I take with Allison’s DSLR are for photoshoots (or during photoshoots when I sneak a picture of something else :P) and this is one of my favorite photoshoots we’ve done. We did them in our garden full of marigolds and zinnias and at the end it was golden hour and it was quite beautiful.

megan's dslr photos (45)

megan's dslr photos (44)

megan's dslr photos (43)

megan's dslr photos (42)

Then the next day we took pictures on the swing and I took some pictures of some zinnias in Allison’s hair.

megan's dslr photos (41)

megan's dslr photos (40)

megan's dslr photos (39)

megan's dslr photos (38)

I think this might have been the same day as the day we took the previous photos. I was using some lights to take pictures for a magazine contest and Allison and I did a quick photoshoot with them.

megan's dslr photos (37)

megan's dslr photos (36)

megan's dslr photos (35)

megan's dslr photos (34)

megan's dslr photos (33)

megan's dslr photos (32)

These are the magazine contest pictures. I took them for a cover contest for Livy’s magazine.

megan's dslr photos (31)

megan's dslr photos (30)

I took way more than two photos, but this post will be long enough with just two of these.

I took this picture in dad’s office to try to get the settings adjusted for some pictures I was taking in our church the next day. I really like this picture for some reason.

megan's dslr photos (24)

As I was walking back to the house I noticed this nice little black-eyed-susan flower growing by the gas tanks.

megan's dslr photos (25)

And then when I got back to the house Maggie was there and she looked so cute and… I took some pictures. XD

megan's dslr photos (29)

megan's dslr photos (28)

megan's dslr photos (27)
Feeling the breeze in her fur.
megan's dslr photos (26)
Finally a good nose picture!

And then after I took those pictures at church I was photographing my friends and other people. My one friend, Craefish (can I use your real name Craefish?), hid but I got a picture of my friend Mallory.

megan's dslr photos (23)

And here’s a very over-edited picture of Dad and Carmen fishing. The lighting was horrible that day, but I really like this picture. πŸ™‚

megan's dslr photos (22)

These next two I took of Allison at our new farm while she was standing on a dock. It was really pretty.

megan's dslr photos (20)

megan's dslr photos (19)

And here’s Allison in her paint clothes…

megan's dslr photos (18)

And me in mine.

megan's dslr photos (17)

A week or two ago we went down to a frozen pond and were walking around on it. Here are a few pictures Allison let me take.

megan's dslr photos (15)

megan's dslr photos (14)

megan's dslr photos (13)
I like this one. πŸ™‚

megan's dslr photos (12)

megan's dslr photos (11)

Next up are some pictures I took of the ice crystals. The ice on the pond was super thick because it had been so cold, but then the temperature shot up to the fifties or something so the top layer started melting and I guess somehow it made these beautiful ice crystals?

megan's dslr photos (4)

megan's dslr photos (3)

megan's dslr photos (2)
This one was edited wrong, thus the different color.

Then I took these two pictures of Allison in the snow…

megan's dslr photos (9)

megan's dslr photos (8)

And she let me take a picture of the birds on some grass stalks? stems?Β megan's dslr photos (7)

After that we were stacking hay in a trailer and Allison thought the wall would make a good backdrop so I took a few pictures of her and she took a few pictures of me. (I was wearing a gas mask in several of them because of the dust. XD)

megan's dslr photos (6)

And finally, my most recent DSLR photo, my newest inchworm.

megan's dslr photos (5)

A pen pal inchworm! πŸ™‚ Allison let me use her DSLR to take pictures for my Etsy listing. (It’s on my Etsy shop now.)

That’s it! I would like to say this post is pretty much sponsored by Allison since she let me use her DSLR. πŸ™‚ (Her blog is right here.)

Thanks for reading this post!

favorite picture?Β 

if you were painting, do you think your clothes would look like mine or allison’s?Β 

megan sign-off 2

69 thoughts on “A Few DSLR Tidbits

  1. Such lovely pictures! I’m loving your blog, Megan! Please excuse me for asking the most random question ever, but do you have a little sister named Carmen? I really think I’ve met you! Did you visit Evergreen Church, like, a year ago?


      1. Of course I remember! We liked all the same books, and I really wanted to get to know you better but then I never saw you again. The funny thing is I’d been reading your blog for a month before I realized it was you! I found it totally by chance, and I just assumed we lived nowhere near each other! πŸ˜„ I hope I’ll see you too–we weren’t there two weeks ago because we had the flu!


      2. Wow, that’s so neat! I’m so glad you found my blog. πŸ™‚ We are actually moving to the farm we were looking at when we visited Evergreen, so I should be able to see you sometime if not when we come in two (actually maybe three) weeks.


  2. I ADORED these pictures! So awesome! Do you think, maybe, I could use the one of the black eyed Susan as a magazine cover at some point? I love that picture! I loved all your pictures! Hmm, my favorite was probably the one I just mentioned! πŸ˜€ Yes, my clothes would definitely look like your’s if I was painting, and I’d get it in my hair! LOL! πŸ˜€


    1. And I love that picture you sent that I used in the last CLM for the cover! So epic, and I loved the photoshoot you guys did with the lights! πŸ˜€


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