A Most Unusual Room Tour (Featuring Everyone’s Favorite Dresser Handle)

*NOTE: Sorry to everyone who's already seen this. I had to repost this and delete the other post (including a few comments 😦 ) because for some reason WordPress made this post get "posted" on January 8. Also a paragraph got deleted somehow right in front of the big star.* Hello! Today I thought I’d … Continue reading A Most Unusual Room Tour (Featuring Everyone’s Favorite Dresser Handle)

DIY Design #5: WordPress Design Part 1

Time for another DIY Design post! Clara did number four which was on free photos and design resources. My post is going to be part one of WordPress design. Today I'll be going over blog headers and blog buttons. This isn't neccesarily just for WordPress, but I will be going over how to put headers on … Continue reading DIY Design #5: WordPress Design Part 1

In Which BIBPC the Second Comes to a Close

Guten Tag! 🙂 Yep. BIBPC the Second is ending. Today you get to see which team won and I'll also do the winning photo of each category, just for fun. 😉 Ready? OKAY! Hayley Rebekah Grace (The Girl Upstairs) Josie Nabila Genna AddyLover Maddy Anika Rutvi Ray Hale Points: 521 Misty Clara Kellyn Samantha Janie … Continue reading In Which BIBPC the Second Comes to a Close

Best of 2015 WINNERS!

Seeing as today is the 15th, you get to find out who won what in my Best of 2015! For those of you who don't know, I decided (after reading Clara's post HERE) that I would make a post where you guys could pick the best blogs and blog posts of 2015! I did that … Continue reading Best of 2015 WINNERS!

Photo of the Week ~ 12-07-15

Number three of the challenge is your Christmas Wish List, but I already posted that HERE. Instead, here is some news! K.A. has also created a blogging challenge! If you are interested in this one go HERE. I am participating in Loren's writing challenge.  This means that there will be some stories on my blog, … Continue reading Photo of the Week ~ 12-07-15

Button/Sign-Off Giveaway WINNER!

Are you guys ready to see who won?  Of course so! But sadly only one person could win. 😦 No worries though! I will try to do this again sometime. Maybe when I get two hundred posts! Only fifty more to go. 🙂 Also Nicole is doing a giveaway like this which you can see on her post HERE. … Continue reading Button/Sign-Off Giveaway WINNER!