Thus Ends May

Wow. It’s already June? 2017 is already half-way done? Well, hooray for summer break! School ended for me in the beginning of May, but I’m still finishing up Math. (Ugh.) Also, it’s finally getting warmer! The temperature got past eighty degrees several times in May.

Today I’ll be doing another post similar to my Random Snippets post and Little Bits of Farm Life posts, but this time I’ll just be writing about events that happened in May.

Dad planted corn in May, which meant he, and often my brothers, were in the field (or in the shop, if the tractor or corn planter broke down) almost every day. He often planted from the morning to late at night, and Mom took his lunch and supper out to the field. Towards the beginning of May, we had a picnic in the field Dad was planting. Later on my sisters, my mom, and I drove up to the field above the one that Dad was planting and read until it got dark and chilly. Our dog Maggie came along and explored.

May 2017 Megan (9)

May 2017 Megan (8)

May 2017 Megan

On Mother’s day we went for ‘green truck ride’ on the back of my dad’s old 1972 Chevrolet pick-up. For once I didn’t bring my camera, so I have no pictures to show you. (My sister did bring hers though, and you can see some pictures from the drive on her post HERE.) My brothers and I kept jumping off the back of the truck to grab a leaf from the woods we were driving by. (Don’t worry, we weren’t going down a road. We just slowly drove around some fields. 😉 ) We also stopped by some cows who gathered around to stare at us from the other side of the fence. We ended our green truck ride by jumping in the grain bins.

We also got tons of strawberries out of our garden in May. Mom made 17 jars of strawberry jam and we’ve had lots of strawberries for breakfast, lunch, supper, and of course dessert.

May 2017 Megan (7).jpg

A few weeks ago we went on a hike with some friends. It was really fun and pretty. There was a beautiful waterfall towards the end and the trees still had pretty new leaves.

May 2017 Megan


May 2017 Megan (2)

You could see lots of houses and farms from the place where we parked.

May 2017 Megan (1)

I never get tired of sunsets, and there was one in May that was absolutely stunning. There are lots of power lines and building in front of our house, so I ran up through a field to catch the sunset before it went away. The mountains weren’t quite as purple as they are in the picture, but they were quite vibrant.

May 2017 Megan (1)

Last Monday we brought some barn kittens up to our willow tree and let them climb around in it. I brought my camera with me and got a few pictures of the whiskered tree-climbers. Half of them turned out blurry because the kittens moved so fast.

May 2017 Megan (2)

May 2017 Megan (1)

May 2017 Megan (3)

May 2017 Megan (4)

May 2017 Megan (5)

May 2017 Megan (6)

The last subject shall be our ‘field trip’ we took on Tuesday. (Pun credit to Mom.) It was a really beautiful evening and Dad wanted to check out the population of the crops in some of his fields, so we loaded into the pick-up truck and went along.

One of the fields that dad rents has tons of golf balls in it. The guy who owns it apparently likes hitting golf balls and doesn’t bother to go pick them up. It’s always fun to collect them, although they usually end up laying around our house and never get used.

May 2017 Megan (7)

May 2017 Megan (1)

May 2017 Megan (2)

May 2017 Megan (5).jpgMay 2017 Megan (3)

And thus ends May. Hopefully we can go swimming a lot in June, and do lots of other summer-y things. 🙂

what did you do in may?

are you done with school yet?

megan signoff

53 thoughts on “Thus Ends May

  1. I love these pictures! The picture of the bowl of strawberries looks quite professional. 🙂 I also really like the picture of the Chevy. During May I did a good amount of traveling, and of course I was trying to finish school work. I’m still not done, though. :/
    Oh, and I agree, sunsets are beautiful, and they really don’t’ get old. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler


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