The Diary of Clementine {Final Entry}

Hello, everyone! I’m here with another entry from Clementine. But you’ll have to wait until the end of her entry to see why it’s the final one. πŸ˜›

Hello my fans!

There isn’t much to talk about this time. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy it no matter the size of the post. Because anything about me is bound to be stupendous, right?

A few weeks ago, the humans brought us out into the yard and made a circle with their legs and they wouldn’t let us get out of the circle! But I escaped a few times. Hee hee! Unfortunately they always caught me again.

Here’s Olaf making a mad dash.



Another thing that happened was the painting of our cage walls. The humans already have some paintings, but they painted some more on Snicker’s and Willow’s cage. And Megan painted a picture of me! I was very proud of her, even though I do resemble a dog in the painting.



A few days ago Megan and her sisters brought some barn kittens up to the rabbit hutch and brought me out in the outdoor pen. And then they put the kittens in the pen with me! I’m not a fan of cats, and these were especially curious ones. Soon, however, they ventured out of my pen and I was left in peace.


The kittens stole all of the humans attention, and the humans took pictures of them constantly. I decided to act like I didn’t care. Which, actually, I didn’t. So I wasn’t acting. I just accidentally said that. Of course I wouldn’t care whether or not the humans paid attention to the cats. I’m just wasting words talking about them now.

DSCN0337 (1280x960)

I had trouble finding the perfect I-don’t-care position.

DSCN0338 (1280x960)

Later on, one of the kittens came back. They are so vain, thinking that I would be honored by their presence! I’m certainly glad that I’m not a vain animal. I don’t see how humans can stand them.

DSCN0348 (1280x960)

Well, like I said, there’s not much to talk about, so I suppose I shall end here. But first, two more pictures of my noble self.

DSCN0250 (1280x960)

DSCN0254 (1280x960)

Farewell, readers!

❀ Clementine/Crummy/Clemmie/Clem/Nugget/Clementine the Terrible

Now you probably would like to know why that was Clemmie’s last entry. I decided to post it because I always write them in my head when I’m taking pictures, but I won’t be doing any more entries for Crummy because on Monday our dog Maggie gotΒ Clem and killed her. 😦 So there won’t be any more pictures of my grumpy Nugget on my blog.

Here’s a college with a picture of Clem for every month I’ve had her, plus my favorite picture of her (which was taken by my sister Allison) in the middle of the collage. EEK IT’S ADORABLE.

clemmie collage


megan signoff





64 thoughts on “The Diary of Clementine {Final Entry}

      1. Okay, good. I remember how I felt when I lost my first cat … that was a long time ago, but I was pretty heartbroken. Still, yes, I was glad I had what time I did with her!


  1. Awwww, I loved Clemmie’s posts so much, they were my favorite posts of all of your posts ever!!!! 😦 Clemmie is gone? Forever? I’m so sad, she was my favorite bunny of yours. 😦 *wipes away river of tears and sniffs miserably* . Rest in peace in bunny heaven, dear Clemmie. 😦


      1. Yeah, Clemmie was extremely cute and funny. You never got to buy her some bunny sunglasses!! 😦 *bursts out bawling* I guess I’ll recover at some point….

        Tomorrow is magazine release day!! Are you excited??? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  2. *SNIFF* I’m so sorry, Megan! I loved reading her entries! (even though I missed a few) So no more pictures of her forever?? πŸ˜₯ Is this June fools or something???!! πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯


  3. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P Clementine! And I just began reading your entries! Never mind, see you in Heaven!!!!!!!


  4. Aw, I will miss Clemmie so much…she’s so funny, and…ahem…a very proud little bunny. XD
    I’m so sorry, Megan! 😦 I’m sure you’ll be missing her, and I’ll for sure be missing her entries. :/


  5. I meant to comment on this post before, but I didn’t get around to it…Anyway…I was so sad to read that Clemmie died! But that main photo in the collage is absolutely adorable! You should print it out and frame it in your room. πŸ™‚
    This is totally of the subject, but I noticed that you recently read a bunch of Tintin books! Did you read them because I suggested them so Allison? What do you think of them? What is your favorite so far?


    1. Yes, she was a great rabbit. πŸ™‚ Yeah, good idea! I’ll have to do that!
      Yep, I did! I just read them because I had nothing else to read and someone had got them from the library… maybe it was Allison. They aren’t my favorite ever, but they aren’t too bad. πŸ™‚ I like the Red Sea Sharks fairly well.

      Liked by 1 person

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