Random Snippets

Today I will be doing a post filled with random snippets of things I’ve been doing or photographing lately. Like my tagline says, my blog is basically a bunch of random snippets made into posts, but I decided to make a random snippet of a post filled with random snippets. 🙂

tame barn cats text

The first subject will be on Marigold, a cat we found in our barn a while ago. I haven’t seen her around much lately, but I did get a few pictures of her. We’d never seen her before, but she has obviously been around people because she is really sweet and loves to get attention.

0 (3)

DSCN9952DSCN9945amber (3)

killdeer nests text

The next topic is on killdeer. Some killdeer birds laid eggs around our farm (we’ve found three nests so far) and we saw the babies from two of them! They look like long-legged chicks. Kind of. The one in the second picture had just hatched and was still resting. Its sibling (not pictured) wasn’t even all the way out of the shell!

DSCN0039baby killdeer (1)

orchids text.png

We bought mom an orchid for Mother’s Day (and gave her a card that said “we’re glad to be y’orchids”) and today I took them outside to get a few pictures. The lighting was kind of harsh, but I believe I got a few good ones. 🙂


blogiversary text.png

Finally, my blogiversary (blog anniversary) was last Saturday, on the 13th! My blog is now three years old. I can tell that my photography has improved, along with my typing and writing skills. And spelling, and grammar, and graphic design, and… you get the point. 🙂 Anyway, here’s a quick overview of a few stats. I also included some funny search terms people found my blog by.

totalviewspostsvisitors graphic

top commenters graphic

funny search terms graphic

And thus concludes my post of random snippets. I hope you enjoyed it!

which was your favorite orchid picture?

have you seen killdeer before?

megan signoff

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