Photo of the Week: Fog and Fence Posts

Hello guys! Here’s a photo I took down by our pond. It was so foggy last evening!

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 087.JPG

See? XD Here’s the news! 😛

  • Don’t forget about my giveaway! I’m giving away some cool clay stuff and some other things, so check out my post HERE if you want to enter! Only one week until it’s over!
  • Also, only a week to enter in a blog button giveaway I do with another blogger.
  • Random shoutout! Spark of Creativity.
  • I put a profile picture up on my sidebar. You can’t see my face, but it’s kind of neat. 🙂

That’s all! Thank you for reading, guys. 🙂


I did a post about mud on a collab blog HERE. XD

60 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Fog and Fence Posts

  1. It sure was foggy last night! I was out driving in it…I was going at about ten miles an hour, and it took me forever to get home! I love fog, but not when I’m driving in it. Your picture is lovely!


  2. That’s an awesome picture! Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. I couldn’t recover my blog for quite some time, but thankfully, my dad was able to recover it last Saturday.


      1. Eeeee!!! I LOVE mine too!!! It’s SO cute!! They ALL are!! 😀 The one of you with balloons, and me with a cute doggie, then Misty with…I think a book, Nicole with a camera…I think, and Suzy with a book, and Genna cooking!!!! XD


      2. Hehehe!! 😀 XD They’re TOO Cute!! She HAS to keep them!!! We CAN’T POSSIBLY get rid of them!! I wonder if she’ll do one for Izzy…


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