Best of 2018 {Voting}

Hello everyone! SO MANY LINKS OH MY GOODNESS I BARELY SURVIVED. Thank goodness I don't have to make another one of these posts for a long time. XD But that wasn't a very good introduction, so let me try again. It's time to vote for the nominees of Best of 2018! I got fifty results … Continue reading Best of 2018 {Voting}

Summer Bored Games: WEEK 2

Hello everyone! We've made it through the first week of SBG! In case you missed it, Clara posted the week one challenges here. (You can't do those challenges any more for points, but feel free to do them for fun!) Now that she's started everything off, the second post seems quite simple! So, shall we … Continue reading Summer Bored Games: WEEK 2

Best of 2016 – FINISHED

It's over! The Best of 2016 Blogging Awards is officially done. Now it's time to see what the wonderful nominees won. Let's get started, shall we? To see the nominees, go here. (Also, I'm not sure what's up with some of the text on that post. It got all weird.) Best New Blog - The Daydreaming … Continue reading Best of 2016 – FINISHED

The Best of 2016 Voting

Hey everyone!  It's time to vote on the blogs that were nominated. Thanks to you all, around thirty people nominated bloggers! That's over twice as much as last year. 🙂 I made a bit of a change though: the blogs/bloggers/posts that got nominated twice get three extra votes/points. And if they got nominated more than twice … Continue reading The Best of 2016 Voting

September Highlights and October Goals

Hello world. I've done anything like this before, but I'm gonna give it a go. 🙂 September Highlights Watching our baby bunnies grow up Starting our homeschool co-op Doing an interpretive dance to 'Jesus Freaks' with our friends on our new trampoline Reaching 200 followers Eating at Which Wich for the first time Fishing at … Continue reading September Highlights and October Goals

Photo of the Week: Fog and Fence Posts

Hello guys! Here's a photo I took down by our pond. It was so foggy last evening! See? XD Here's the news! 😛 Don't forget about my giveaway! I'm giving away some cool clay stuff and some other things, so check out my post HERE if you want to enter! Only one week until it's over! Also, only … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Fog and Fence Posts

Two Years Ago Yesterday…

I wrote my very first blog post. On February 20th I sat down and wrote a post that nobody saw when I first published it. Now, when I publish this post, I will be able to look at my stats one hour afterwards and see that it already has views, likes, and most likely comments. … Continue reading Two Years Ago Yesterday…

A Magazine

Over at a collab blog I post on, we made a magazine! You can go to the post here to read it! 🙂 I hope you like it!

Voting on Best of 2015

So actually, I decided that instead of me picking from your suggestions, as I said in this post, I would just list all of the blogs/posts that you suggested and you could vote from those. 🙂 For the best new blog the suggestions were...!!!! Vote here: Next category, Best … Continue reading Voting on Best of 2015

Award From Genna

Lots of you know that I don't do awards hardly ever. I get nominated (thank you guys) and usually I just leave other people to do the awards. But since Genna just made this award, I thought that maybe I could help pass it on! Rules: 1. Thank the person that nominated you 2. Start a … Continue reading Award From Genna

A Bunny With a Blog – Musings From the World’s Cutest Holland Lop

Hey guys!  Wow. That is one long title. Anywho, my friend Mallory just made a blog today! It is called A Bunny With a Blog and is all about her adorable (but not quite as adorable as Clementine 😀 ) Holland Lop, named Snickers.  I am sure she would love it if you 'hopped' (hehe, … Continue reading A Bunny With a Blog – Musings From the World’s Cutest Holland Lop