Two Years Ago Yesterday…

I wrote my very first blog post. On February 20th I sat down and wrote a post that nobody saw when I first published it. Now, when I publish this post, I will be able to look at my stats one hour afterwards and see that it already has views, likes, and most likely comments. Wow.

But this is not my blogaversary, I didn’t start this blog until May. I had a private blog before. Even when I got this blog, I only got a few comments from family and friends that I had told about my blog. Then I got one follower. I was posting sometimes once a week, more often not. Now I try to post every day. My highest number of views is nearly 300 in one day and I have 104 followers. Which makes me go: o_O

Not to mention tons of wonderful comments every day and tons of wonderful bloggers with wonderful blogs….

I ‘met’ K.A. who became my pen pal and email pal and who I really want to meet.

I have had many fun  and funny chats with a great blogger named Clara.

I have helped my friend start a blog.

Josie and I have organized a monthly button giveaway.

I joined a collab blog, Colorful Ideas and am having loads of fun posting and working on our monthly magazine.

I joined a writing collab blog where I post about once a month.

I have learned more spelling and grammer rules (uh.. I just mis-spelled grammar..). I have become better at editing and photo shopping. And I have had fun. Lots of fun, tons of fun, funfunfun! XD
(And now for a break from words and a quick photo.)


I have also become much better at photography. Actually, I might not even have a camera if it weren’t for this blog.

So thanks. Thank you guys for all of your comments and likes and views. My most viewed post this year was Boring into Beautiful Photography Contest Teams + 1st Category (sheesh, long name! XD). BIBPC was so much fun, by the way! Thanks for doing it guys! 😀

I could have just said ‘THANK YOU!!!’, but then I wouldn’t have had much of a post, would I?
Also….here is a Happy Birthday card to Loren and Jaclynn. Go tell them happy birthday! I am a bit confused when Loren’s birthday is… but I know it’s somewhere around the 20th!


Nice and cluttered. 😛 I hope you guys have a fantastical birthday, enjoy it!!!


What letter do you take out of ‘free’ to make it the opposite? 😛 It’s really easy, but it’s kinda funny! 🙂

47 thoughts on “Two Years Ago Yesterday…

  1. Congrats on two whole years of blogging, Megan!! 😀 I’m so glad that I’ve been able to “meet” you through the blogosphere! I always enjoy your posts..they make me smile. 🙂


  2. Wow! Congrats, Megan!!! Wonderful pics and post!!! 😀 Thanks for saying that about me! I hope you meet you too!!!!! What is the ‘free’ letter thing!? I don’t get it! o_O XD 😛


  3. Wow- it’s so amazing how far your blog has come! Your photography has definitely improved and so has your blogging. 🙂 I hope you keep it up for a long long long long time! 😀


  4. Congratulations! I have a good technique to remember how to spell Grammar: (I got it from the YouTube channel Blimey Cow) Want to get all A’s in Grammar? Spell Grammar with all A’s! 😛

    P.S. The word is ‘fee’!


    1. I love Blimey Cow!!! I love the ‘You Might Be A Homeschooler If’ videos. There’s like five of them, all hilarious!!!


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