Best of 2018 Nominations

Hello everyone!

I suppose I haven’t done a Best of 2018 yet, have I? Well then, here it is! This time I have narrowed down the categories quite a bit from 2017 so you don’t have to nominate 25 different blogs and bloggers. This time it’s only ten! And you won’t have quite as long to nominate people since I’m posting this later than usual. Anyway, maybe I should back up and explain this a little better.

What is Best of 2018?

Best of 2018 is basically a blog survey you can fill out to nominate your favorite blogs and bloggers. The survey will be followed by several polls. There are 10 categories this year in which you nominate blogs, bloggers, posts, and possibly donkeys.

How do I do this?

Click on the button below all this explaining to go to the survey. Then you can pick a post/blog/blogger that you think is the best for that category and paste the URL into each box. You MUST link to the actual post if it’s a post category or I will have a rather hard time finding it. You can’t just link to “” for the “Lifestyle Post” category. None of the categories are mandatory, so you don’t have to do every category. There’s nothing to stop you from it, but I would like you not to vote for/nominate yourself.

What’s after the survey?

The survey closes on December 28th, so the last day to nominate is the 27th. On the 29th or soon after I will post the next post: Best of 2018 Voting. There will be 10 polls with every post/blogger/blog that has been nominated for each category. Example:

Best Collab Blog Example
This was from 2016

I’ll link to each post/blogger/blog that was nominated right above the poll so you can visit the posts or blogs. If something was nominated more than once I’ll say that, and automatically give it extra points/votes for that.

When will the results be posted?

I’ll give you until January 8th to vote, so I will post the results soon after that.

Is there a prize?

No, not really. I’m guessing your blog will get a little more traffic if you’re nominated or if you win. I’ll also make little “buttons” for the winners that they can display on their blog if they want to. But other than that, no. There’s not really a prize. But it should be fun! 🙂

Alrighty, I think that about covers it! There’s always the comment section if you all have any questions. Now, GO NOMINATE!

Take the Survey!

(If that button won’t work for you, then just click this link. But buttons are more fun so otherwise click the button.)


are you going to nominate? 

have you seen a yak?

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