Best of 2018 Nominations

Hello everyone! I suppose I haven't done a Best of 2018 yet, have I? Well then, here it is! This time I have narrowed down the categories quite a bit from 2017 so you don't have to nominate 25 different blogs and bloggers. This time it's only ten! And you won't have quite as long to nominate … Continue reading Best of 2018 Nominations

Best of 2017 {Blogging Awards}

Hello! It’s time for the third annual A Barefoot Gal Best of (insert year here)! I have done this in November for the past two years, but I thought it made more sense to wait until the last month in the year. So here I am, and here are the rules: What is Best of … Continue reading Best of 2017 {Blogging Awards}

Art Lab Episode 22 {Wuzzing Contest Results

About a month ago we started the Wuzzing Contest on Art Lab. We got seven great entries and 995 votes on the poll we posted! If you want to see all of the Wuzzings and their profiles, go to this post. And now, for the reveal of the Art Lab mascot! I'll just put all … Continue reading Art Lab Episode 22 {Wuzzing Contest Results

Experimental Photoshoot in an Alfalfa Field

Woah... I can't think of any better title. Hehe. Anyway, Allison and I did a photoshoot of each other a few weeks ago, and now I'm posting the pictures I got. (Well obviously, Megan.) If you want to see the pictures Allison got of me you can go here. And now for some polls. I'm have very … Continue reading Experimental Photoshoot in an Alfalfa Field

Going Nest Hunting

Hello everyone! 🙂 Phew, it's dreary here. It's rained almost everyday for three. Whole. Weeks. Isn't that annoying? :/ Sigh. Some people said they'd like to see my nest-hunting adventure, so here it is. 😉 To start with, I found this robin nest. It had four eggs when I took the picture, but yesterday it … Continue reading Going Nest Hunting

Jamie Gillset Chapter 5

See chapter one HERE, two HERE, three HERE, and four HERE. 5 ‘Whoa,  Jessica! This is amazing!” Jamie looked around the room at each thing.  There was a box with a ragged looking tablecloth and two stumps around it. Against a wall was a chest with the four candles on.  A thing resembling a bookcase … Continue reading Jamie Gillset Chapter 5

Jamie Gillset ~ Chapter 3

3 When Jamie woke up it was dark.  She thought she had woken up in the middle of the night until she realized that Truffle was on top of her.  She pushed him off and saw the oyster that she forgot to eat for her bedtime snack.  She ate it, and then spit it out.  … Continue reading Jamie Gillset ~ Chapter 3


Here is a quick poll. I have so many posts to post, maybe you can help me decide which one to do first.

New Blog Name?

Yep! That's right! I am going to have a new blog name.  Of course I'll keep the blog, I'm only going to change the name.  If you're wondering why, well... It is spelled wrong, It doesn't really have anything to do with my blog. And there should be another reason but it's hiding. So, … Continue reading New Blog Name?

Pet Photo Contest Results

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It's the 13th! Time to see who wins!  First of all I want to thank everyone who entered.  I am so happy you did.  I am so sad if you didn't get around to it, but I will probably have more contests soon, so stay tuned! Okay so most people wanted me to be … Continue reading Pet Photo Contest Results

2014 Recap

I have decided to do a 2014 recap post.  All the green words you can click on to see a post. I started blogging in 2014 on a private blog called Dandelions and Daffodils.  But since that wasn't working to swell I decided to move.  After a few attempts I got my old blog moved … Continue reading 2014 Recap

AAF Part 2- Bunnies🐰

I decided it's time to do part 2 of AAF. (Animals Around the Farm)  Part 2 is about our three adorable bunnies. They are all sisters and their names are Rootabaga, Honeybunny, and Diamond. We got the bunnies on the 15th of August.  Honeybunny belongs to my sister Allison, Diamond to Carmen, and Rootabaga to me.  … Continue reading AAF Part 2- Bunnies🐰

Polls 📉

Here are some polls I made.  You can vote for more than one.  Vote!             Hope you like them! Megan