BIBPC The Sixth {Category 1}

Hello everyone!

BIBPC is officially starting today! Thank you so much to everyone who signed up and for your enthusiastic comments. 🙂 If you haven’t signed up yet and still want to, just head over to the sign-up post, read the rules, and comment! I’ll be accepting new participants for pretty much the rest of BIBPC.

Alright, are you ready to see who is on what team? Here we go!

BIBPC #6 Team fox

  1. Anika 
  2. Hannah 
  3. Aria Lisette 
  4. Rhi || the caramel marshmallow
  5. Jaylee A. 
  6. Rose @ apurposeofwingeddogs
  7. K.A. 
  8. A Kaylee 

BIBPC #6 Team owl

  1. Olivia Bell
  2. Amie
  3. Gracie
  4. Mya 
  5. Isabel Eleison 
  6. Reya Heya 
  7. Liz – Home with the Hummingbirds 

BIBPC #6 Team rabbit

  1. Clara
  2. Sam(antha) 
  3. Rose 
  4. Sarah 
  5. Annie 
  6. vaishnavi 
  7. Sarah @ paper-ish

BIBPC #6 Team Bear

  1. Joy18 
  2. Jo @ The Lens & The Hard Drive 
  3. Laura 
  4. Rosy Marr
  5. Rebcake 
  6. Catharine Runion 
  7. Esmerelda 
  8. Maria

If I forgot any of your blogs or anything else, just tell me!

And now for the first category. I think I’m going to try for more wintery/Christmasy categories this time. Sorry if you live in Australia or somewhere where it’s summer! XD

Category the First: Cozy

Here’s my example:

bibpc cozy category one.jpg

And just to clarify about the editing, you basically just can’t use any presets or filters. So brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, tint, temperature, white balance, curves, levels, sharpness, clarity, saturation, vibrance; that’s all fine and good. I just want you to be doing the work rather than relying on already made filters. 🙂

If you’re using the survey option, go HERE.

Photos are due by 11:59 PM EST on December 7th! If you can’t take a photo this week, tell me before Wednesday and I’ll give your team seven make-up points.

HAVE FUN GUYS! And if you have any other questions, just ask!

megan sign-off 2


85 thoughts on “BIBPC The Sixth {Category 1}

    1. Hi Megan,
      Did my link work for you? For some reason I couldn’t get it to work. :/ I emailed you the photo just in case. I guess this first week was a learning week for me, lol!


  1. Sadly, I won’t be able to do BIBPC, I’m really sorry!!! I thought I’d be able to and wish I could, but it’s not possible now.


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