Experimental Photoshoot in an Alfalfa Field

Woah… I can’t think of any better title. Hehe.

Anyway, Allison and I did a photoshoot of each other a few weeks ago, and now I’m posting the pictures I got. (Well obviously, Megan.) If you want to see the pictures Allison got of me you can go here.




And now for some polls. I’m have very strong opinions on not-very-important things such as Bing, Baseball, and pronunciations. 😛 XD  I’ve done a Bing poll and a Baseball poll before, so now it’s pronunciation time! 😛

Megan handwriting copy

68 thoughts on “Experimental Photoshoot in an Alfalfa Field

      1. Oh! I know, I’m crazy… 😉
        Well, tell Allison from me that she’s very pretty! 😀
        And I did read Allison’s post – you’re very pretty, too! ❤
        Yup – my A-dorable little baby spelled backwards!
        LOL! 😉

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  1. Hey If I have a Christmas themed blog party would you be able to come? And what day should I have it?
    I just need to know if anyone will come! 😉


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