On Pickles, Horrible Football Teams, and Lady Liberty

Time for another extremely random post!

“Cutie” Bugs

When we were little my siblings and I would sometimes find a little black beetle in our house , and we thought they were kind of cute. (Don’t worry, they were harmless. :P) So we named them Cutie Bugs. Whenever we found one we’d put it on the carpet and watch it crawl down into it. I was always happy when I found a cutie bug. Then, one year, I went up to the chicken house after the chickens had left and there were hundreds upon hundreds of cutie bugs. Ever since, they really haven’t been that cute.

Kinds of Whistling

I can blow on a blade of grass, whistle on my hands and just normally. Sometimes whistle on an acorn cap. But I really want to be able to whistle with my fingers. However, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to because I think you have to roll your tongue which I cannot do. It is extremely sad. :/

The Pickle Present

I got my brother a huge jar of Kosher pickles for his birthday.

Mom got them for me when she was out shopping, so when she came home I rushed out to the car to hide the pickles before my brother saw them. I was going to put them on our canning shelf, but the jar was too tall. Thankfully, there was a space at the top that was tall enough. I scooted a jar aside and placed the pickle jar on the shelf. Then I pushed it back so it would be hidden better.


Turns out, that top shelf was really narrow, so the pickle jar went crashing down onto the other shelf. I heard the sound of breaking glass and I imagined pickle juice running everywhere. Devastated, I cleared away some jars to get to the mess. But it wasn’t a mess! The other jars had ‘cushioned’ the blow and I had just broken a few empty jars. Wahoo!

Anyway, I hid it in a different spot and then, on the night before his birthday, I got it out to wrap. I wrapped ribbon around it and put a bow on top. Does anyone know how annoying pickle jars can be? It was quite hard to wrap that thing. I decided to leave it like that and just tell Jeff to close his eyes when I brought it out.

The next day, after he had opened his other presents, I told my brother to close his eyes, while I went to get the pickles. Sadly, the mean ol’ ribbon had started to sag overnight, but I didn’t have time to fix it so I brought it out like it was. I placed it in front of my brother and told him to open his eyes. It was a touching moment as Jeff gazed upon the amazingness of the pickles.

Actually, it wasn’t touching, but whatever.

My Favorite Football Teams are all Horrible

A lot of you all probably know that I’m not a fan of football. However, I decided I’d have a favorite football team. For college football, it’s the Kansas Jayhawks. I’ve never watched a game of theirs or anything, but I chose them because I felt sorry for them. (They are like one of the worst college football teams I think.)

Then for my favorite NFL team I chose the Cleveland Browns, simply because they were in one of Relient K’s songs. (“Mrs. Hippopotamuses'”) It turns out that they are about the worst NFL team.

Yet another reason why football is bad. >:)

Caramel Candy Bars

I don’t like caramel in candy bars. It just ruins them. I don’t mind those little caramel candies by themselves, but you should never ruin chocolate by putting caramel with it. Milky Ways, Snickers, Twix… And I don’t like 3 Musketeers very much either. I do like Kit Kats and other candy bars that have crunchy stuff in them. 😛

The Nightmare About Lady Liberty

A long time ago, (I was probably about five) I had a dream that I was in front of Lady Liberty, only she was made of pick-up sticks. Then I remember everyone started panicking and saying that she was going to fall down, and I got really, really scared. That’s like the only nightmare a remember, and it wasn’t hardly a nightmare. It was mostly a weirdmare.

Sad Books

I’ve heard that other people cry at sad parts of books. Maybe it’s weird that I’ve never cried because of any book then. I hardly ever even laugh at books. I mostly just read with a straight face, no matter if the main character dies or not. (Although sometimes I get annoyed with the author then.)

Megan handwriting copy

189 thoughts on “On Pickles, Horrible Football Teams, and Lady Liberty

  1. I loved this post!! You never cry while reading books? That’s crazy!! Books make me cry a lot during the sad parts, LOL! Did you brother like the jar of pickles? That was a unique gift, is he a huge pickle fan?? 😉 Aww, you don’t like caramel in candy bars?? I love that!! 😛
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for your friendship! 😀


      1. Yes the Cowboys and Bears came over so us Brits got to see the likes of William “Refrigerator” Perry and Jim McMahon! All my friends were Bears fans and had the jerseys, so I had to be different and went with the Boys!
        You could use a small dab of glue or wax to hold the ribbon in place whilst you tie the bow.


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