BIBPC #3 Category #4

This is two days late because I’ve been sick lately. 😦

These are all the people I got entries from.


Team Popsicle






Christian Homeschooler

Points Earned this Time: 79 (They get 9 extra points because someone left)

Total Points: 189

Team Ice Cream





Kate (Scatterbrained Seamstress)



Points Earned this Time: 73

Total Points: 219


Team Lemonade




Points Earned this Time: 45 (They get 18 extra points because two people left)

Total Points: 155

Team Smoothie


Bella (Book Sweet)




Points Earned this Time: 55

Total Points: 149

My favorite photo of all of that were entered is…

14  Allison (Lemonade).jpg

Allison’s! Why she said it was worth it. (and I agree XD)

Even though we and the lawn got super messy (we had to take showers and change, as you can imagine), and the smell of shaving cream was everywhere for a while, it was definitely worth it!

And now… for category number five!


Something that’s broken.

Megan 032.JPG

I chose this poor chicken decoration. You can’t really notice it from afar, but she lost an eye. 😥 XD

Oh, and if anyone would like to join still, you can! Popsicle and Lemonade need some more people. 😉

megan handwritten sign off4

GUYS!! 😀 I entered (most of) my clay inchworms in the fair as a collection, and they won! 😮 Inchy B was in the collection, so I couldn’t take pictures for the next Inchy B post. But she’s home now. 😀

82 thoughts on “BIBPC #3 Category #4

  1. Hi, Megan! I’m SO sorry, but I’m afraid I have to drop out of BIBC. 😦 I was really excited to do it this round, but things have been crazy around here lately (lots of packing for the move and such) and I’ve missed the last few challenges. I feel I won’t be able to post for the rest of the challenges in this round…I’m so sorry. However, I will try my best to participate wholeheartedly next time. 🙂
    Thank you for hosting!


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