The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry 8

Okay guys. I’ve got something to tell you. It’s not about me, Clementine, but it’s still pretty exciting.

I no longer have four rabbit ‘siblings,’ I have ten!

But wait, I must have order. Here are our pictures.

Megan (Flowers, Bunnies) 054 (800x600)

Diamond, the grumpy.

Megan 007 (1024x768)

Lily the large.

Megan 011 (1024x768)

Olaf the… normal but yet weird. And kind of funny.

Megan 006 (1280x960)

Willow the fluffy (and hard to photograph).

Megan 004 (1024x768)

MegAN 014 (1024x768)

And then there’s ME!

Diamond is just normal. She grunts and snorts like always. She’s trying to keep to the shade, because she doesn’t like to get ‘sun burned.’ If you look at her picture, you can see that she’s not completely black, but has a bit of brown fur on her side.

I’m either getting used to Lily, or she’s getting a little less portly. I don’t know for sure. She’s been really nice, and I like to sleep beside her sometimes; she’s a good pillow.

Olaf is a little less mean… maybe. She lets me snuggle with her sometimes. She got a bath last night, but she doesn’t seem any cleaner to me.

Willow is in the other cage. But she likes it there. She does have company.

I had a bath last night too. I think I got a little cleaner. Not that I was dirty, I just got really clean. Understand? Probably not. I’m sure it’s too difficult for you to understand. Megan says I’m not a very peaceful rabbit. I find that insulting! I just make sure the other rabbits know that though I’m small, I’m fierce! Who was that guy who said that? Shakesword? Anyway. Though I be but little, I am fierce. (I like italics, if you haven’t noticed.)

What else? Oh yes. You might want to know about my six other rabbit-y siblings.

First, there’s Pippin. He’s kinda handsome, I like the color of his fur. He is wild though! When a human comes in his cage, he races around like mad, until they catch him, then he calms down a bit. I mean, come on! I know what you feel like, but calm down a wee bit more. Please.

Here are his photographs. (That’s a fun word.)

Megan 057 (1024x768)Megan 058 (1024x768)Megan 059 (1024x768)

He is a New Zealand-Silver Fox mix. Olaf and Lily are New Zealands, and Diamond is a Silver Fox. So he fits in. But he stays in the pen beside us.

Oh yeah, and remember what I told you about Willow having company in her pen? Well, on the other side of our pen, is where she is. There are three cages in the Bunny Palace. (Clemmie, that’s a bit of a stretch. Palace? I’d say barn.) Okay fine, Megan. The Bunny Barn.

Anywho… here are her companions. (This is pretty exciting! You may want to be sitting down.)




Megan 046 (1024x768)Megan 048 (1024x768)Megan 050 (1024x768)Megan 054 (1024x768)

You may be thinking that Willow has become friends with Naked Mole Rats or something horrid like that, but give these ‘lil guys a week or two and they’ll be pretty cute. Because these. Are. Baby. BUNNIES.

Willow is a mother. She has five baby rabbits. Two have black skin, and I think they will look like Willow. One has pink skin with a teensy bit of white fuzz, and it might look like Willow’s brothers, who were fluffy and white. Then the other two are spotted and I think they will look like their dad, a Holland Lop. I hope so, because all these ears in the air can get a little bothersome.


P.S. If youโ€™d like to read my other diary entries, please go here.

YES! WE HAVE BABY BUNNIES! Guys, I’m so excited. ๐Ÿ˜€

megan handwritten sign off4

26 thoughts on “The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry 8

  1. As I told Allison, they look pretty ugly now, but I am confident that they will become cute, just like every bunny that ever existed! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Okay, I might be exaggerating, since I haven’t seen ever bunny that existed ๐Ÿ˜› ) Also, Pippin is adorable. He fits in with all the other bunnies!



  2. Wow! I didn’t know about Pippin!! Where did you get him? He’s such a pretty color. ๐Ÿ™‚
    The baby bunnies… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I love how tiny and soft they are!

    – Clara โค


  3. THIS WAS THE CUTEST THING!!! I loved it! I always love Clemmie’s posts and this one was the best! Baby bunnies??? They are the cutest!! You are so blessed! I wish I could squish them! :D:D:D


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