Interview/Guest Post With Carmen

Yesterday Carmen suddenly decided that she wanted to write a guest post. I have recently read two interview posts that people did with their younger siblings (one is on a private blog, but the other is here) and I thought they were hilarious. So today I have an interview with Carmen for you to read. It started out as a question and answer interview, but then I decided to write down everything she said. I also put asterisks about somethings she did, so you’ll see that too. (i.e. *sings song about knitting needle going through the carpet*)

Oh, and Carmen helped to make the featured image for this post. I’m not exactly sure why she wanted to put foxes on it, but it works. 🙂

M: What is your favorite thing to do?

C: Swim with friends.

M: No, I mean what is your favorite hobby?

C: Drawing.

M: What is one of your favorite drawings?

C: No! *sighs* Megan it sounds like I’m a robot.

M: What?

C: It just sounds like I. Can’t. Answer. That.

M: You can just act like you’re talking to me!

C: But they want the correct answer!

M: They don’t care. Okay, just pick one drawing that you like, it doesn’t have to be your favorite.

C: Okay. I liked my toucan picture. *goes off to find toucan picture* Yeah, here it is.

DSCN0147 (2)

M: Why do you like that?

C: Uh, because it’s good. Because it’s one of my better drawings.

M: What did you use to draw it?

C: Paint. Watercolor, actually.

M: What’s your favorite thing to make pictures with?

C: Markers.

M: Why do you like them?

C: Because they come in all different colors and they show up well.

M: What’s your favorite thing to draw?

C: Animals.

M: Do you usually look off of something when you draw?

C: Hmm. I don’t know. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Actually, most of them I don’t.

M: Why do you like drawing?

C: Because, (uh) it’s easy, and it’s fun. Actually you can do way more than ten.

M: Ten what?

C: Ten questions. Actually, you can do how many you want.

M: What should I ask you next?

C: You ask me… Hmm. What about… hmm. You ask me… Uh. “Do you like to draw birds or actual mammals?”

M: Okay, do you like to draw birds or actual mammals?

C: Mammals.

M: Why’d you draw your toucan?

C: Because sometimes I like to draw birds but not usually.

M: Do you ever draw anything but animals?

C: Yes. True.

M: What else do you draw?

C: People, and flowers and plants. No, just people and plants. And houses. Well basically everything!

M: Why are you waving a knitting needle around?

C: Hey that’s not nice!

M: Carmen, I’m just asking you an interview question.

C: Grr. Because I feel like it!

M: Okay. What do you do with your art?

C: Usually I hang it on the refrigerator or give it to someone. But –

M: Hang on I need to type!

C: Say… wait what was your question?

M: What do you do with your heart? I mean art. (I was typing while talking and couldn’t concentrate. :P)

C: *laughs* Usually I hang it on the refrigerator but sometimes I give it to people. No, wait, say ‘my friends or my grandparents’. Just do both. Well, you can just do what you were going to do actually.

M: Do you ever put your art in your room?

C: Hardly ever.

M: You do have some in your room though right?

C: I do? Not really. Which ones?

M: Like the animals you painted!

C: Well, those are different. They are put in frames.

M: What else do you like doing besides art?

C: Playing with Jinx, our cat. And reading and writing letters to my friends.

M: You mean pen pals?

C: Yeah.

M: How many pen pals do you have?

C: Two right now.

M: What do you play with Jinx?

C: Well, actually I don’t really play with Jinx, but sometimes I bring him up in my bed and read with him. *pauses while I type* I know what you could do!

M: Hang on, don’t talk. I’m still typing. Alright, what were you going to say?

C: I forgot. Oh yes. Here it is. Ask me what my favorite movie is. Curious George.

M: Hang on! I haven’t asked yet!

C: Oh, okay.

M: Okay, what’s your favorite movie?

C: Curious George. I want to read this afterwards.

M: You mean you want to read the interview?

C: Yeah! *sings song about knitting needle going through the carpet*

M: Do you want me to write that down?

C: Yeah, I guess.

M: How old is your bunny and what’s her name? (Random subject change. XD)

C: She’s almost three and her name is Diamond because she used to have a little white spot on her forehead, but now she doesn’t have it.

M: What kind of bunny is she?

C: Silver Fox.

M: What color is she?

C: Black with tiny little white speckles.

M: What’s she like?

C: What do you mean?

M: I mean what’s her ‘personality’?

C: Well, every time I pick her up she goes “grunt, grunt, grunt.” *imitates Diamond*

M: *laughs*

C: And she sounds like a pig. Actually, she sounds like she has lung trouble. But she really sounds like a pig.

M: What is your favorite rabbit that we have?

C: Diamond of course. Act-

M: Besides Diamond.

C: Wait I’m not finished! Actually Diamond is tied with a few bunnies.

M: What are those other bunnies?

C: Willow, Lily, and Snickers. Actually, just Lily and Willow.

M: Why not Snickers?

C: Well, when I try to pick him up he always runs away from me. I mean he’s cute, but he’s just… just grumpy.

M: He’s not really grumpy.

C: Well, you know what I mean. Kinda… kinda… not very nice.

M: Snickers is nicer than Diamond and Crummy and Olaf.

C: Not really. I just don’t like him. I mean I do like him… Just not as much as the others. Crummy’s even worse.

M: Why don’t you like Clementine?

C: Because… oh I guess you’re asking that because she’s your bunny?

M: Yeah, but she’s cute.

C: Well, she bites, she’s even more grumpier than Snickers, and she doesn’t have baby bunnies. But I do like her in some ways.

M: Snickers is not grumpy!

C: Yes he is. I think so. Oh look, there’s an elephant! *points at a book with knitting needle*

M: Crummy’s funny though.

C: Yeah, that’s what I meant: I do like her in some ways. But why don’t you just call her Clementine so that the people who read this post can understand. *pauses* Megan, wouldn’t it be so neat if you could rate blogs with stars and we got five stars! And the most you can get is five, so we would win! And we would get $100. Fifty for each of us – you for typing, and me for telling you.

M: Who would pay us the $100?

C: Um. The person who said that our post was rated five stars.

M: I don’t think they’d rate it that if they had to pay us.

C: Huh? What do you mean? I can’t read that language.

M: I’m talking in English.

C: No, I mean in those kind of words. I guess you can copy this. I know you are because your keys type extra words.

M: I was copying that, but sometimes it takes a while for me to type.

C:Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the bloggers (actually they probably might) told us that this post was funny? Although some jokes in here are kind of lame. Like the one I just did. Oh, I just can’t wait to go out in public!


C: *giggles* Anyways, and it will seem like spring (well actually summer) and the blossoms will come to life. And the trees will have nice shade, and there I’ll be, SWIMMING! *sings about swimming*

M: What do you like so much about swimming?

C: Well, it’s just fun. And you can play all sorts of games! Like people can throw down hoops and you can dive down to get them. It’s so fun. And another one is –

M: Hang on! Okay done typing.

C: Ugh, now I forgot what I was going to say. What was I going to say, Megan? Oh yes, another one is (actually it’s not really a game) is where I try to stand up on my hands in the water. But I can’t do it in the deep end, although I can swim. True that is. But I think I learned how to swim when I was six or five. But my cousin learned how to swim when she was three! She seriously did, Megan. Isn’t that awesome? She told me herself! And then I had to stay in the shallows and it wasn’t much fun by myself. But sometimes she would come in the shallow part and play with me. But it was weird! I was six or five and she was four.

M: Okay, I think that’s enough about swimming. Onto the next subject!

C: Okay. What’s the next subject about?

M: Food.

C: What do you want to ask me about food?

M: What’s your favorite food?

C: I have two favorite foods. HEY! There goes the chicken truck. No that’s just a school bus. No, it’s a chicken truck! *sings song about chickens and not having to gather eggs*

M: What are your two favorite foods?

C: Oh. Bacon smothered chicken, and macaroni. You should ask me what’s my favorite drink.

M: What’s your favorite drink?

C: Well, I have two favorites. Hot chocolate, and chocolate milk. There are lots of other things. I like root beer pretty much. And cream soda, but that makes me full and sometimes I get a tummy ache. But root beer is a whole different story. Root beer is the king of all drinks.

M: I cannot write everything down, you’re talking too fast.

C: You don’t have to. Would you like… me… to… go… like… this?

M: Sure.

C: Oh…kay…. What… is… your… next… ques… tion…? You… are… slow. Truuue.

M: You don’t have to talk slowly anymore.

C: Okay! Great!

M: This is getting super long, I think we should stop.

C: What? No! I know: ask me some more questions. Then it won’t be so long.

M: Carmen, that doesn’t make sense. If I do then it will be longer.

C: No it won’t! Ask me a question! I refuse to say anything if you don’t.

M: If you don’t say anything then the interview is over.

C: *doesn’t talk*

M: Okay, bye!


M: Okay, okay!

C: Ask me a question! I refuse – I mean I really do want you to ask me a question.

M: Would you rather I stop typing or stop typing?

C: Uh… that means you’re going to stop typing anyway? Nooo… This is funner than I thought it would be!

M: Funner isn’t a word.

C: Funner? I didn’t say funner.

M: Yeah you said it was funner than you thought it’d be.

C: You say ‘funner’ for that. What do you say if you don’t say funner?

M: You say “more fun”.

C: Oh. Well, I say funner. And that’s what I say. Nobody can change it!

M: Hmm. It’s still not right.

C: Welp, it doesn’t make sense. When you type these very words down, they will understand. The people who read this blog. Post, I mean.

M: Carmen we really should stop. It’s over a thousand words!

C: Let’s just do one more subject. Let’s talk about numbers.

M: Okay, should we stop when the number of words gets to 1,700?

C: Yeah. Wait what? Sure.

M: It’s 1,702 words now.

C: Megan! Just talk about numbers, okay?

M: What’s your favorite number?

C: My favorite number is probably eight.

M: Alright we’ve talked about numbers. Let’s stop now.

C: Okay.

That was quite long. I hope you enjoyed it though!

did you think this post was funny, like Carmen said?

what was your favorite part of the interview?

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61 thoughts on “Interview/Guest Post With Carmen

  1. Haha that was so fun to read! XD Carmen is so funny. My favorite part was when she sung about needles going through the carpet! Hehe. My little sister was just wanting to do an interview/guest post recently. Maybe I should do something like this… 😉


  2. lol I enjoyed reading this! Such a cute funny interview, it’s cute because it was so funny and interesting how you two interact and these responses lol! This gives me an idea to interview some of my little cousins though oh my goodness lol they’re little personalities are amazing and hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha!!! I loved this, Carmen and Megan!! I give it a five stars! 😉 As long as I don’t have to give you a hundred dollars…. XD 😉 You deserve it though! Hilarious post!! I wish I had younger siblings so I could do this with them…that would be fun. 😉 Haha!!! Thanks for the guest post, Carmen and Megan! You should do a Q&A for Carmen!!!


  4. Hey! I started blogging yesterday, so I am new to the blogging world! May, my friend told me about your blog and I absolutely love it! I hope to see more of your blog and I hope you can come check mine out! 🙂


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