A Barefoot Gal Celebration {600 Followers Giveaway}


Hey everyone! I was originally planning this to be a 500 followers giveaway, but now I have 611 followers, which is even better!

I’m giving away two different prizes – a first and second place one. The prizes are two of my favorite books, both by my favorite author. They are The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart and The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stewart.


The Secret Keepers is a hardback. It’s completely new.


This is The Secret Keepers without the dust jacket.


The Mysterious Benedict Society is a paper back. It has a quiz in the back of the book, which isn’t in our copy of this book, so I thought that was neat. This is also brand new.


It includes a sneak peek of The Secret Keepers.

If you win first place, you get to pick which of the two books you want, and I will also make a custom inchworm of your choice. If you place second, you’ll get the remaining book and the option to do an interview that will be posted here on my blog.


I just wanted to say that there are a few things that won’t look so good on a worm. For example, it’s pretty hard to make a ballerina worm because inchworms have no feet, and tutus look slightly odd on them. XD So if you do win, keep in mind that inchworms can’t be everything. 😉

The rules for entering are…

  • If you are under 18, you have to have parent’s permission to enter this giveaway, because I will need your address to send the book to you.
  • You must be following my blog. After all, I am doing this for my followers, not just any random stranger who wants free books. 😛
  • When you leave your comment, please include a valid email in the email box, because I’ll be using that to email you if you win. Your email will not be seen by anyone but me.

How to get bonus entries:

  • Look for a blog with under fifty followers and leave a nice comment on one of their posts. You get 1 extra entry for every time you do this, and you can get up to 3 extra entries this way. Please leave a link to the post you commented on in the comment box. If you want a list of blogs with under fifty followers, I’d be happy to link to some in the comments. 🙂 But for now, here are three blogs to start off with: Mallory’s Wee Blog, Liv Laugh Discover, Sew Sweet Dollies.
  • Chloe at Bees, Butterflies, and Me is starting a blog called The Smile Project. I thought it was a really good idea, so I decided to include something in my giveaway about it. You can get 1 extra entry if you read her post and comment with a few ideas for her. I’m sure she’d appreciate it! And you don’t just have to leave one idea – the more ideas, the better!
  • Share my post on any social media and/or reblog it. You will get 1 extra entry for each time you share this post, and you can get up to 3 extra entries this way.

THIS GIVEAWAY ENDS ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10th AT 11:59 PM EASTERN TIME. I will post the winners on Saturday, February 11th.giveaway-book

All that’s left to do now is to comment!

Thank you all so much for following my blog and reading my posts.

megan's sign-off.png

P.S. I kinda re-designed my blog… kinda. I mostly just chose new fonts. 😉 The header is mostly the same. Do you like this font better?

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