November Highlights and December Goals

Wow. It can’t be the last month in 2016 already! So much has happened in the past 11 months- in real life, and here on the blog. In a few weeks Christmas will be gone and it will be 2017.

Well, enough with all that. Let’s get started with the post!

November Goals (Review)


  • Post another really random post. Yep! See it here.
  • Post a bunny announcement post/Clementine’s 10th entry. Check!
  • Start up the blog button giveaway with Josie again. No…
  • Do something in celebration of 300 followers. Mmm… Nope.


  • Have an amazing time at the NEEDTOBREATHE concert. Yes! It was amazing.
  • Get 250 lbs. of food from the food drive I’m doing in co-op with my classmates. Weell… We actually aren’t done yet. (We should be done this week) I’m not sure if we’ll get 250 lbs. or not though. Maybe! 😀
  • Read Keeper of the Lost Cities.  YES!
  • Make something with weeds. I did this! I ate some cooked chickweed. Practically like spinach. And I tried to eat acorns
  • Practice some brush lettering and watercolor. I did do this!
  • Host an ATC party. Nope… 😛
  • Try at least three crafts/projects/recipes from my Pinterest boards. I think so. 😉

November Highlights

Going to a NEEDTOBREATHE concert with my brothers, dad, and some friends of ours. That was fun… *happy sigh* 🙂

Walking around with sleeping bags over our heads with my friend and siblings at night. (And probably looking rather bizarre.) Actually, this was on December 1st, but it was before this post so I’m gonna count it. XD

Going Black Friday shopping with cousins.

November Blogging Stuff

My Blog

I published 10 posts in November. My three favorites were…

The Searcher of Acorns

A Photography Failure

Christmas Light Photography

The Blogosphere

Favorite Posts:

The American Girl Doll Giveaway Winner Is… (THIS POST WAS AWESOME XD)

Ember’s New Friend

A barn full of fluff

deep thoughts from on top of my dads truck || stars

December Goals (Blogging)

baking, christmas, cookies

Post a collection of Christmas recipes.

blog, blogger, blogging

Finish up my blog design. (Profile photo, pages, button, etc.)

pencil crayons arts crafts

Do a Christmas-y how-to.

3 Red Covered Present Box

Do some sort of Christmas tag, challenge, or series on my blog.

youtube iphone smartphone mobile cell phone technology business social media video internet

Make at least one more video for my YouTube channel.

December Goals (Life)

christmas, gift, gift wrap paper

Make a certain thing for certain persons with certain people for Christmas. (I’m afraid I must be rather secretive since the certain persons will be reading this.)

christmas decoration socks hand kid logo gift holiday

Surprise Carmen with an AG doll for Christmas.

chocolate, cookies, cooking

Make a Christmas recipe.

celebration, christmas, christmas decoration

Finish putting Christmas lights around our house.

Man Wearing Blue Dress Shirt While Painting

Brainstorm and make gifts for my cousins and friends and siblings . (I MUST THINK AND THINK HARD.)

Master the art of sleeping-bag-walking.

Lots of Christmas stuff for sure! I’m so excited for Christmas. 😉

Megan handwriting copy

Liv is doing a giveaway! Check it out here.

89 thoughts on “November Highlights and December Goals

    1. YEP I DID. Let’s see. We waited in a super long line until dad went and found an opening with no one in line so we got fairly nice seats and didn’t have to wait in line long. First there were three other bands, one of which went on way too long, and then NEEDTOBREATHE came on! They played several songs and it was pretty epic! After it was over they did a random video thing of the inspiration behind “Brother” and then they played brother and then it actually was over.


      1. Oohh. Ha ha, that happens. EPIC. EPIC INDEED I AM SURE. I’m sure it was too short. Did you know, NEEDTOBREATHE came to a town an hour away on their ALL THE FEELS tour like, a few months ago?


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