Guess What Yesterday Was? + Sister’s Q&A

Hey guys!

For most of you, yesterday was a Monday. But for a few of you, yesterday was More Herbs Less Salt Day! WOO-HOO! Yesterday was a day where people celebrate by…eating more herbs. And less salt? I don’t know. I’m not an expert on it. My brother is not a fan of herbs though, so I doubt he’d like it.

Well, we didn’t celebrate it really. I guess there might have been a few herbs in my spaghetti sauce I ate for lunch though.

Oh, and yesterday was also my birthday.

Heh heh.

YAY! I had a great birthday! My party was on Saturday (I got a pineapple, guys. o_O) and then on Monday I just celebrated with my family, and got to pick what to have for supper.

But for another celebration, Allison (my sister) and I are doing a Sisters Q&A!

Sister's Q&A (800x800)


Here’s how it works.

Leave up to 10 questions in the comments section. You can be creative, but it might not work the best to ask “What are you thinking right now?” or something of that sort.

You have until September 10th to ask us questions on either of our blogs. On September 8th we will answer half of the questions. We will answer them like this.

Q #1: What is your favorite color?

Megan: Allison’s favorite color is purple.

Allison: Megan’s favorite color is yellow.

Megan: Yep.

Allison: Yep.

And then we’d go on to Q #2…

So basically, we just try to answer the questions for each other, and then say if they were right or not. Whoever guesses the most questions correctly wins!

We may have to do more than two parts, but for now, that’s what we’re sticking with. 😛

We can’t wait to see your questions! 😀

megan handwritten sign off4

My brother busted his chin against the skid steer’s bucket. 😮 But thankfully he didn’t need stitches.


50 thoughts on “Guess What Yesterday Was? + Sister’s Q&A

  1. 1) Would you rather have a wardrobe of only neutrals, or only bright colors?
    2) Favorite Dessert?
    3) Cooking or Baking?
    4) Small, cozy house or large, regal mansion?
    5) What picture are you most proud of taking (if you have one)?
    I guess I’ll stop there, although I might come back with more! 🙂


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