10 Reasons Why Bing is Better Than Google


I can picture some bloggers doing face-palms when they read the title of this post. XD As some of you might know, I LIKE BING MUCH MORE THAN GOOGLE. Hehe. So here’s a post about why I like Bing BEST!

But, as I explained to a fellow blogger, I just want to show you all why Bing is better! I’m not saying you have to switch to Bing (BUT THAT WOULD BE GREAT), I’m just making sure people aren’t just prejudiced without actually knowing about Bing. 😐

Okay, that aside, let’s get this show on the road!

REASON ONE: Homepages

Tell me, please, which one is more interesting? BING. And see that little gray square? (You might have to click on the picture) That’s a little quiz thingy. Bing does a new one that is related to their picture every day. And Google… well, Google does nothing. Oh, and once Bing had a dancing Puffin Homepage!

Another good thing about Bing’s homepage, is that you can download the picture as a wallpaper for your computer’s desktop. 🙂

REASON TWO: Bing Rewards


Bing rewards is… well, what it says up there. Now we actually don’t do Bing rewards, but Christian Homeschooler does, and I think they look really cool. There are no Google rewards, I might add.

REASON THREE: The Documents

Bing and Google documents are very similar, but Microsoft made Word before there were any Google Docs, and Google Docs are quite similar to Word. I actually prefer writing in Word to writing on Word Online or Google Docs, but if I’m on a computer that doesn’t have word, I can write my document, save it, go to another computer that does have word, and open it from Word Online. Handy, huh?

REASON FOUR: PowerPoint vs. Slides

Now I know, I know, Google has more slides than in that little picture, but Bing has waaaayyy more presentations/slides than in those two pictures. They have nature presentations, business ones, education ones, health and fitness ones, and lots of other miscellaneous slides. (Guys, I just spelled miscellaneous without spellcheck. 😮 ) Google has 24 pretty un-interesting slides.

REASON FIVE: Bing’s Extra Templates

Bing doesn’t just have PowerPoint and OpenOffice Writer, it has tons of other templates such as flyers, posters, cards, certificates, calendars, maps, photo albums, timelines, and resumes. What are resumes?

Google has Slides, Docs, and Sheets, which is basically Excel. GO BING!

REASON SIX: SwayBing sway.PNG

Sway is sort of like PowerPoint, only even cooler. Instead of slides its one long sheet that you can scroll over, and it has a few less options than PowerPoint, but makes a clearer, cleaner presentation.

REASON SEVEN: Bing Maps are Better for Geocaching

Before a little bit ago, I used Google Maps. I did like them better than Bing Maps, but I checked out Bing Maps a bit more, and now I like them better. That’s just a preference though, it doesn’t have any totally different features than Google Maps, but I like it much better for geocaching, because you can go to the place you want to geocache at on Bing Maps, right click, click ‘Add a Pushpin’, and then copy the latitude and longitude and paste it in the Geocache search. I’m sure there’s a way to do this on Google Maps, but it’s not by right clicking, and thus not as simple. 😀 😛

REASON EIGHT:  Bing Lookup

Bing Lookup is really neat. You can right click on the Microsoft Edge browser, or if you have Bing as your default search engine on Chrome, you can right click, click “Search Bing for this image” and it will bring up the image with related images underneath. I find this quite nice and very neat. 🙂

REASON NINE and TEN: Bing Images

Guys, Bing Images are so much better than Google Images. THEY REALLY ARE. For one thing, there are lots of different… filters (yes, thanks Allison! 😛 ) you can click on. Colors, types, layout, and if you are looking up pictures of people you can even do just the head and shoulders or just the face. Here are some of the options. ↓ (You may want to click on the pictures to enlarge them. 😉 )

And I’m sorry Google fans, but Google does not have that. *Tries to look sympathetic*

Another feature (Reason 10) of Bing Images, is that you can favorite the pictures and then look back over them. See?

I’m done now. What do you think? Even if I haven’t persuaded you, is Bing truly a little bit better than you thought it was at least? HUH?

I hope so. 😛


GUYS! MY CAMERA ALMOST DIED. The metal part around the lens got dented in so that the lens would open, but then dad bent it back with a pliers. Phew.

194 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Bing is Better Than Google

  1. I can’t decide which I like better if I want something simple I can go to Google but if I want something with a lot of options I can go to Bing so I like Both!


  2. Google has interactive doodles, too. So… XD And some of their programs are SUPER cool, like the code your own emoji thing.

    My dad once said that the Yahoo guy gets a question, and he types it in to Google and Bing to get an answer.


  3. Google does have image filters, they’re just kept in an odd spot. And interactive doodles. And, in my opinion, Google Docs is a lot better and versatile than Word because one- it autosaves- and two, you can share it with others and type/work together at the same time, which if you go to public school and you’re at home needing to work on a project with three other people, is super useful. But that’s just my opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I like Bing the best, but Word does auto-save now. I have the newer version on my tablet for car trips, and it auto-saves. I think it’s just the older ones that don’t. 😕


  4. Fantastic post Megan! So true on all of your points! I am signed up for Bing rewards, and love it! It’s like getting free money to me. I always get a $5 Amazon gift card once I have enough points, since I shop so much at amazon.
    And the homepage. . . Google’s homepage just looks so . . . so . . . dated! It looks like it is from the early 2000s. IT’S 2016 GOOGLE!!!!!! 😉

    Anyway, great post! I am loving reading some of your posts, and your blog design looks great! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Google’s search engine wasn’t working, then, after reading this post, I switched to Bing and it worked. 😳. But sad to say, they don’t have the quizzes anymore. 😦


      1. Thanks!! 😀 I was literally searching up pictures and saving them and filtering them like crazy. 😆


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