Kitty Cats

Hey! 😀

There are bunches of barns cats with kittens, although unfortunately they disappear after we find them. I guess the momma cats don’t want any humans messing with their kittens. 😛 But I got some photos of a new litter of kittens before Violet (the mom) moved them.

Violet is such a pretty cat.

I also have two pictures of Boo that I got when I went over to Loren’s house last week. SHE IS SO FLUFFY!

*Random Fact* I like to say Eureka a lot, but since that means “I found it!” I don’t get to use it much. :/ So my new exclamation of joy is “Boofur!” It was inspired by the fluffy cat below. ↓

And finally, a picture of Casey attempting to eat fish without getting wet. Good lck with that, Casey-coo.

That should be enough to fill your kitten-o-meter. 🙂

Also, thanks to all of you who read my latest post! I’m so happy you did, and I think I’ve convinced a few people that Bing was at least a little better than they thought. 😉 Also, the wonderful Grace decided to use Bing! YAY! XD

Well, that’s all! Good day to you all.


21 thoughts on “Kitty Cats

  1. Aww! Cute! 😛 🙂 That’s funny about Casey! 😛 Oh, and how you say ‘Boofur’! 😛 I say something much weirder! 😛 I say ‘Fruttatta!” XD XD XD 😛 IT sounds so funny!!! Like when you say ‘eye eye EYE!!” XD Onley “FRUTATTA!!” XD 😛 Or however you spell it! 😛


  2. AWE MY SISTER AND LIL BRO WOULD PASS OUT IF THEY SAW THIS POST!!!! THEY ADORE KITTENS AND CATS!!!!!!!!! I love the photography on the pics of Violet! It looks perfect, i took some great shots of some of our cats!!!! PERFECT PHOTOGRAPHY ON VIOLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE UR PHOTOGRAPHY MEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Aww, I loved seeing all the cat and kitten photos, so adorable! How neat you all have barn cats that have kittens a lot! 😀


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