The Adventures of Inchy B {Pt. 6}


Ahem. Hello everyone! 😀 Ready for another part of Inchy’s adventures? HUH? YAY! XD

Go right HERE to view all of the other parts I have written so far. 🙂


If Inchy B thought she was dirty when she made it to the Land of Your Other Self, she was rather horrendous looking now. She was quite flattened and looked like she had been on an adventure under the couch, not just through the hall. But she had made it back to Itchy still alive, and she had seen her Other Self. Itchy, however, was not happy.

“Great Globs of Clay!” she exclaimed, “Inchy B, is that really you? You’re in terrible shape. You need to be made over again.”

“I know,” Inchy B replied, “I really am out of shape. But what is ‘made over?'”


“It’s simple,” Itchy replied. “I’ll just get your brain out and then I can roll out some new clay, shape it, and put your brain back in! Then you’ll be better than new.”

“Oh, alright. I guess you are the Older and Wiser One…” Inchy B said uncertainly.

As soon as she said this Itchy got a colorful bead looking thing out of her head and Inchy B couldn’t think, see, hear, or feel. She was just a blob.


Itchy could do all of these things though, and she rolled the useless ‘Inchy B’ up into a green blob.


Then she commanded a crab to fetch her some green clay and a bit of white. The crab scuttled off and returned with the necessary things needed to make Inchy’s shape.


Itchy heaved herself up and plopped down on the blobs, flattening them together. Next she rolled and kneaded the big blob until it was a single color.


She rolled the piece of green into a long log shape, quietly singing songs about Swanee rivers.


Itchy carefully bent the log into an inchworm shape. She was done with the river song and was now singing about yellow roses in Texas.


Then Itchy got the crab to use his claws to make segments while she did a musical accompaniment.

I loonnnggg for Jeanie with the bright green skin….” Itchy boomed. This song was slightly modified of course, but seeing as Itchy didn’t know what ‘light brown hair’ was, she changed it out for ‘bright green skin.’ Itchy had a love for old songs.


At last Inchy B’s eye were poked and her Accessories were put into place. Singing the last words of ‘Oh Susana’, Itchy solemnly placed the brain in Inchy B’s head.

“Well, I’m back now!” Inchy B cried as soon as she had shook her head a bit.

“Hooray!” yelled Itchy.

Thankfully Inchy B did not have to go back to the Land of Your Other Self. There was a shiny thing laying near by and the Other Self had considerately travelled to it.


“Itchy,” Inchy B breathed, “you haven’t… you haven’t… Oh ITCHY! You’ve made me a Pegaworm!”

“Quite right, my dear,” Itchy said satisfactorily, “I have been reading The Guide to Fantasy Creatures and I thought that perhaps you would like to be a Pegasus!”

“I love it, I love it, I love it!” crowed Inchy B delightedly.

“I’m afraid since I’m not extremely full of Creative Juices I don’t quite know what wings look like, but I did my best. Give ’em a go!” Itchy nodded at the wings encouragingly.


Inchy B gave them a few flaps and she rose above Itchy, Mt. Cellophane, and the whole Land of Clay Creations.

“I’m off on an adventure, Itchy! I’ll send you a post card…” and with that, the brave and mighty Inchy B flew away, Itchy yelling her goodbyes and wiping away imaginary tears with her imaginary handkerchief.

That seems like a good ending, should I just stop there? *grins mischievously* Oh alright, I guess I’ll do a few more parts… 😛

How’d you like it though? Have you heard any of Itchy’s songs she sang?


I should sell Inchy Bs on Etsy for… do you think thirty dollars a piece would be enough? XD Just kidding! 😛

18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Inchy B {Pt. 6}

  1. This was AMAZING, Megan! It was so funny. 🙂 I loved Itchy’s singing – yep, I’ve heard all of those songs. “Jeanie with the bright green skin…” XD I can’t wait for more!


  2. LOL! A Pegaworm… *bursts into slightly hysterical laughter*
    Inchy is so cute! I’m very honored to own Inchy C. *wipes tear* XD

    HEY! I HAVE AN IDEA! CAN YOU MAKE A UNIWORM? You know, a unicorn/inchworm… IT’D BE SO CUTE! 😀 *begs* 😛

    -Clara ❤


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