Our Clay Table + TCC Entries

Allison and I love to make things out of polymer clay. But we don’t like to get all our stuff out whenever we want to create something, so Allison got out a folding table and set it up in our school room. Yesterday we re-organized it and this is what it looks like:Β DSCN3081 (1280x960).jpg

Here are some photos showing the details. πŸ˜‰


DSCN3073 (1280x960).jpg
Allison’s baked clay stuff.
DSCN3074 (1280x960).jpg
Our scrap tile. πŸ˜›
DSCN3075 (1280x960).jpg
Our TBB tile. (To Be Baked)
DSCN3076 (1280x960).jpg
Our Sculpey glue, Sculpey glazes, and lids that we use for cutters.
DSCN3077 (1280x960).jpg
Our many, many, tools- most of which we hardly use. XD


DSCN3079 (640x480)


To make this post a bit longer, here are Carmen and my entries for a coloring contest! Carmen’s is first. πŸ˜‰



They are reef triggerfish!

Good night!


21 thoughts on “Our Clay Table + TCC Entries

  1. Hehe! WOw! SO neat! I saw a few of the giveaway clay things! XD Also, great job on the TCC coloring pages!! πŸ˜€ Tell Carmen (if that’s alright=please) that I think hers is very good!!


  2. Oh, this was a really cool post! I love art stuff. Polymer clay looks like so much fun, I really want to try making stuff out of it sometime. πŸ˜‰


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