5 Ways to Decorate a Bulletin Board || Collab with Clara @ Clara & Co.

Hello everyone! Today one of my blogger friends, Clara, and I will be bringing you all a collab about one of our favorite things: bulletin boards! I haven't been using bulletin boards that long, but I really love them! It's a nice way to keep things I want to display somewhat organized and it's also helpful for … Continue reading 5 Ways to Decorate a Bulletin Board || Collab with Clara @ Clara & Co.


Make Your Own Pen Pal Binder

Hello everyone! I hope it's starting to feel like Spring wherever you are. 🙂 I love writing letters. I write to several different pen pals and have used up dozens, maybe hundreds, of pages of notebook paper over the course of a few years. My first pen pal was my kindergarten teacher who would send … Continue reading Make Your Own Pen Pal Binder

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree || A Barefoot Gal

Christmas Card Lettering

Hey guys! It's art time! It's also getting close to Christmas, and so I thought I'd do a Christmas-y tutorial this time. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it. To start with, what do you want your card to say? Here are some lines from carols or other holiday sayings that you could put on your card: … Continue reading Christmas Card Lettering

Will it Work or Fail? ~ Episode 2

Hello guys! I tried a project a few days ago, and I'm going to make it into a Work or Fail episode. 🙂 What I was trying to do was make soap in a different color and shape by melting another soap bar. First, I put a small amount of water in the bottom of … Continue reading Will it Work or Fail? ~ Episode 2

Book Page ATCs {Art Lab Episode 15}

Hello all you artists! Today I have some fun, simple, and beautiful art inspiration for you guys. I got an old book at my Grandma’s that she didn’t want, and I used it to make some art. For my first ATC, I cut out the shape of a book and glued it to an ATC that … Continue reading Book Page ATCs {Art Lab Episode 15}

How to Make a Coloring Page

Aloha, Hola, Salut, and so on. Today, I am going to show you how to make a coloring page out of a drawing. You can just draw something and color it in, but here's how to make it more professional looking, and this way you can print it out again and again. Step 1: Draw … Continue reading How to Make a Coloring Page

Make a Flower Maiden Inchworm

Hello everyone! I finally got a inchworm tutorial up. In this one you get to... Sound good? Alright, here's what you will need. Green polymer clay (I used vermillion, bright green, and olive green Premo Sculpey for mine, but you can choose different brands and colors if you'd like), white polymer clay, purple polymer clay, … Continue reading Make a Flower Maiden Inchworm

Our Clay Table + TCC Entries

Allison and I love to make things out of polymer clay. But we don't like to get all our stuff out whenever we want to create something, so Allison got out a folding table and set it up in our school room. Yesterday we re-organized it and this is what it looks like:  Here are … Continue reading Our Clay Table + TCC Entries

Tutorial: How to Easily Make a Custom GIF

A fellow blogger, Clara, suggested to me that I make a post telling you guys how to make GIFs! WordPress bloggers probably know that you can't put videos on unless you buy the upgrade. But you can, however, put GIFs on! Let's get started! 😀 Step One: Go to the website ezgif.com. Step Two: Up … Continue reading Tutorial: How to Easily Make a Custom GIF

Posts From Ancient Times ~ #2

Here is another old post, I hope you enjoy it! 😀 Make Your Own Postcard If you ever want to send someone a postcard and don’t have any, just make one!   You will need: cardstock, glossy paper(if you don’t have any that’s just fine. You can use normal paper), pencil, scissors, ruler, and a photo. … Continue reading Posts From Ancient Times ~ #2

Photo Fill-In Using PicMonkey & Paint

Hey guys! Today I have a tutorial for you. 🙂 To make this you will need two programs: Paint, and PicMonkey. This is what your thing will look like, with customized outline and photo fill. 😉 Ready? 😀   Go to Bing (well, I guess you could use Google...) and type in '____ outline'. For … Continue reading Photo Fill-In Using PicMonkey & Paint

Make Some Bunny Cookies

Maybe I should rephrase that title. Make Some Cookies For Bunnies Much better! Now then. All you need to make these cookies are three ingredients; water, sugar, frozen bananas! Here is the recipe. What you need: 1 frozen banana 1/2 cup of pellet flour Water How to make the cookies: To make pellet flour get … Continue reading Make Some Bunny Cookies