Random Rambles

Hey everyone!

I’m tired of wanting to write a post and having no inspiration, so today I’ll push a bunch of things together and make one big post! Unfortunately though, I don’t really have a lot of extra photography on hand since I haven’t been doing much lately. So prepare yourself for mostly just words, a technique that I don’t usually appreciate but I’ll be using today anyway.

Okay, let us begin. Although I suppose I already have since this post isn’t about anything in particular. That’s nice. 🙂

Also I’m gonna do random photos from Unsplash because they’re fun.

white ceramic mug on table

I mean, I could ramble about anything and everything, such as the annoyingness of Microsoft Word’s automatic smiley faces, which would then require an explanation that I’m typing in Microsoft Word because the internet is being finicky right now. But I dunno. I’m tempted to just make a not very quality post and perhaps I’d somehow be instantly inspired after that. OH DEAR. It’s time to go call in some advisors AKA blogging friends.

low-angle photo of pink and orange balloons

Oh wait, the internet isn’t working. But I have found out why! Jeff is tidying up cords and unplugged the router to do so. So I shall ramble a bit more, even though I might end up backspacing this all if I get a good post idea. I really could go on like this for at least a thousand words (it takes practice (maybe?), and writing letters gives me lots of it) but I realize that it gets kinda boring, especially if you don’t really know me and you aren’t interested in hearing a stranger ramble. In that case, I give you permission to leave! UNLESS the title implies that there is an actual post after all this rambling. Right now the title is “Random Rambles”.

grass road between tree forest

There is one thing that I can ramble (or perhaps rant would be the better word choice) about for a long time and that is the dreaded subject of Chemistry. UGH I REEEEAALLLLY DON’T LIKE CHEMISTRY. Well, it has been tolerable like two weeks out of six, but the rest definitely make up for it. And I don’t get why I need it!! I do find elements fascinating but even then it doesn’t seem terribly helpful to spend hours of painful toil learning about them. But then again I don’t learn about them, I JUST DO MATH. Sigh upon sigh. If I ever need to use Plank’s Constant 5 years from now I will be sure to let you know. Same goes for figuring out the energy of light with a wavelength of 629 nanometers. I can, however, spell C O U C H C U S H I O N with elemental symbols and list all the elements I used to make it. That’s gotta count for something! Hehe wow that was one of my more impressive ones, especially since the symbols were all only one letter. Good job, Megan!

written equations on brown wooden board

Okay well this is looking kind of hopeless because Jeff has moved on to a new plan and it doesn’t seem to be a speedy one. So I guess you’re stuck with rambles tonight! That’s fun! It really is a lot of fun to just ramble but I shall only do this on special occasion because it does get old. Now you know what a lot of my letters are like. Although they aren’t always quite this rambly because typing is way faster than writing and sometimes Thought 2 will have fled by the time Thought 1 has been captured and written down.

two brown animals

Oh, and Geometry has let me down by including ALGEBRA. I don’t Z Y it’s so Xcellent. HEHE isn’t that great? I think it’s one of my better ones. But yes I’m really quite done with numbers. Anybody have a suggestion of how to celebrate being done with math plus “chemistry” (aka math)? I’ll be done this year, except for Personal Finance which I do in my last year and Logan says it doesn’t really have much math. I’m reeeeaaallly REALLY looking forward to being done, so I want to show my relief some way or another.

two women enjoying confetti
Me and myself (I couldn’t make it) celebrating the end of math.

I have a post idea now, thanks to Clara, but seeing as this is getting on up towards 1,000 (that made me think of significant figures, by the way. BEGONE CHEMISTRY!) words, I’ll just put it in my back pocket for another day! Yippee! And Allison and I are going to do a fallish photoshoot sometime or other which will be fun to post. Be on the lookout for that!

Hey, I can ask you guys for post suggestions! It slightly annoys me when people ask that in blog posts, but this is probably an annoying post anyway to people who find it annoying. So I am officially requesting that you leave post suggestions in the comments. Please and thank you.

What do P’s and Q’s stand for? In “mind your p’s and q’s”?

one pineapple on boulders facing sea and sunset

Oh hey! Let’s make this post even more annoying and advertise myself! I have some new pen pal kits up in my Etsy shop. There’s an autumn one HERE that I think turned out pretty well! And then the one before is a Bible verse snail mail kit which I really like! It has a cute little notebook for all of you guys you like cute or little or notebooks. That’s HERE. And finally there’s a travel snail mail kit HERE and my very talented cousin did the art for it! I like the VW bug the most I think. That one’s the easiest to make and the autumn ones are going to be out of season here soon so I think you should get those! Hehe. But really I love making them, even the goodies kit which takes forever and a day. It’s especially fun to put them together at first! Allison is going to be doing art for the upcoming Christmas one, so be on the lookout for those.

close up photography of round green fruit

Alright, we’ve about reached 1,000 words! This has been fun! Go comment and tell me what you thought! And don’t forget post suggestions and chemistry condolences and whatever else I asked but forgot about.

OH WAIT. I forgot about the Nats! You see, for the first time in the (okay, rather short) history of the Nats, THEY MADE IT PAST THE NLDS. If they win this series against the Cardinals they’ll be in the world series! GO NATS! YAY BASEBALL!

Have a wondermous rest of your fall, y’all! Ehehehe okay bye.

rambly posts, yea or nay?

biscuits or rolls?

abg signoff

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