A Hay Delivery and Furry Critters

Hello everyone!

It’s finally raining here after like two months of no rain, so that’s great!

Yesterday some of my siblings and Dad and I delivered hay to two different customers, and I brought my camera, so you get to see a little of what a hay delivery is like for us.

I didn’t take many pictures at the first one, and nothing terribly exciting happened there. The temperature was perfect though – not too hot to wear us out, but not too cold to make us miserable.


Also, I had flying pig socks which probably helped somehow. *nods*

2 (2000x1333)

Here’s Jeff, securing the elevator/conveyor belt for the trip to the next spot.

3 (2000x1333)

The next farm had all sorts of cute animals, but more on those later. We put the bales up in a very low-ceilinged loft and Jeff and I stacked in it since we are the shortest. (Allison and Dad helped off and on too.) I quite like how this picture looks! I took it before I went up to the loft.

8 (2000x1333)

Action shots! 🙂 Featuring Jeff’s sleeve as a photobomb.

9 (2000x1333)

10 (2000x1333)

After we got the first section of bales off the trailer and it was too far to throw, we got the elevator set up.

11 (1333x2000)

12 (2000x1333)

More photobombing, courtesy of Jeff. Oh well, he put up with my occasional breaks to take photos, so I’ll let it slide.

14 (2000x1333)

And lastly, a random shot of a cedar branch.

13 (1333x2000)

Okay, onto the creatures! 🙂 First of all there was the cute little kitten who was very purry and friendly. She was like a mix of two previous cat siblings we had. One of them looked similar to her,only with a little more white, and another had a bad eye like she does.

4 (2000x1334)
She moved her head a lot, so pardon the blurryness.

There were also a few horses, but they were in a pretty shady (as in dark, not sketchy) part of the barn. So the best photo I got was this too-close too-dark one.

5 (1334x2000)

And there were two mini ponies! This one made me think of Gandalf for some reason. He was quite shaggy and cute!

7 (2000x1333)

Annndd…. A MINI DONKEY! A very, VERY portly mini donkey.

6 (2000x1333)

Backstory on the donkey’s chubbiness: According to his owner, he had been left alone with a big round bale in his pasture. The next day he had eaten a ton of it and had gained like 400 pounds overnight. POOR THING! Donkeys are prone to obesity I’m afraid, and this donkey definitely went overboard on the hay. XD

20 (2000x1333)

It was still rather cute though. Yay for donkey noses!

19 (2000x1333)

They also had at least six dogs. I only got good photos of two of them as it turns out. The had two average looking small-dog mutts, and then this not-so-average looking mutt. I’m only guessing it was a mutt, but I don’t know for sure. Anyway, here’s a picture where you can kinda see how he was:

16 (1492x2000)

He had a small body that was very long and low, and then a giant head! It looked pretty hilarious, and also pretty cute. 🙂 He was covered in lots of curly fur and had bright, staring eyes. And looked + smelled like he had been exploring in a pond. He was happy and friendly though! Does he remind anyone else of a dog in a book or movie?

17 (2000x1334)
He obliged me and cocked his head for this photo. 🙂

There was also a beagle who was kind of shy, and a basset hound who looked both wise and befuddled at the same time. And a bulldog who waddled around, not caring about how smushed she was! Their faces crack me up.

18 (2000x1333)

We shall end on this photo of Gandalf munching on the grass (er, weeds) that were greener on the other side.

21 (2000x1333)

That’s all for now! It can be pretty fun to go on hay deliveries and see cute animals and meet interesting people. I’ll have to bring my camera more often!

Oh, before I leave, if you like writing letters and making people happy, check out Laura’s post where she shares how you can do both! Click HERE to see it.

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27 thoughts on “A Hay Delivery and Furry Critters

  1. It’s been raining so much here too after a very long drought! HURRAH FOR RAIN. That first photo of the hay looks so fall-ish and makes me almost smell the crisp autumn air. 😀 Hooray that the flying pig socks are holding up! Your action shots are really cool, I especially like the one of Jeff as a sort-of silhouette with his hands on his knees. And THE ANIMALS. That donkey is amazingness. XD After seeing a photo of it, the strange-wonderful dog reminds me of Winn-Dixie from the Kate DiCamillo book. 🙂 Lovely post, it was quite fun to read!


  2. AHH NICE POST. I love the hay pictures! I really like seeing lifestyle pictures from you guys, mostly. AWW KITTEN. And haha, that donkey IS quite portly. XD


  3. We can be flying pig socks twins. *nod* 😂
    These are some great pictures, Megan! I really like the animals!! And, haha, poor fat donkey! 😆


      1. Yes I do! 😆 They’re a different color from yours and they’re shorter socks, but the design is the same. 😂


  4. I have always wanted to see what it was like to deliver hay! That is really cool! Awesome action shots! 😛 That donkey is VERY plump. O_O XD All of these pictures are so cute! ❤ That dog remind me of Benji a little bit! 😛 Also, THANK YOU FOR THE SHOUT-OUT!!!! ❤ 😀 I really appreciate it! 😀 Awesome photography and awesome post!

    -Laura ❤ 🙂


      1. You’re welcome! Benji is a dog in a really old movie! 😛 If you search Benji a picture of him should pop up. 😛


  5. That is a handy elevator! I have to go deliver hay with my dad this Sunday. An elevator like that would be extremely useful! 😉 That’s a beautiful horse! Aw, yes, that horse looks exactly how I think Gandalf would look as a pony! What a cute, fat, small donkey. He’s adorable!! ❤


    I could get used to that. *nods*
    Your a hay deliveries look quite enjoyable! It looks fun to meet the different people and go farm-to-farm.
    I agree with Clara, the dog reminds me of Winn Dixie a lot, especially when you imagine the part where Winn Dixie’s running through, er, Winn-Dixie! (Heh)
    HURRAH! Flying pig socks would DEFINITELY make things better, I’m sure of it. Something about the flying pig part…
    Great post, I really enjoyed it!


    1. SO CUTE!
      They are at times! At other times they’re mostly just hard work. XD But yep, that part is fun.
      Haha, yeah! Too bad it couldn’t smile the way Winn-Dixie could.
      I’m probably extra light-footed when I wear them. ;D
      Thanks AK, and thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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