WordCrafters 3 Chapter 3

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I hardly ever post writing stuff on my blog anymore. I’m not a huge writer, but sometimes it can be fun. My sister started a thing called WordCrafters a while ago and the third round started last month. Yesterday I wrote the third chapter and thought I’d post it on here for you all to see. (You can see chapters 1 and 2 here.)

Chapter 3

The five flying children were debating about whether to search for oak wood or stepping stones when a bolt of lightning illuminated the slowly darkening sky. They all cringed when thunder crashed in the next instant.

“I suppose it would be unwise to go back now?” Jacob asked as they all turned to survey the storm approaching them.

“Well we’d be heading into the storm, so I’m going to say yes, that would be unwise. You can’t even see the beach anymore!” Alalia said.

“I’m shore we’re not that far away from land,” Pippin said. “Get it? Shore? Like the seashore?”

Everybody but Vivi chuckled. She was about to reprimand Pippin when she heard a splash. She turned around to see Pippin flailing in the water.

“Hey guys, look at this!” Pippin said, flying back into the air and then diving into the water.

“Pippin, now is not the time to show off.” Vivi said sharply.

Pippin stuck his head back out of the water. “This pixie dust stuff lets you breathe underwater!”

Vivi dove into the water and popped back up moments later. “Wow Pippin, for once you’re actually right! The air tastes kind of salty, but you can breathe perfectly fine down there.”

Jacob and Alalia jumped in when they heard that, and Esme joined them when they both agreed that it was possible to breathe underwater.

“But how is this going to help us?” Vivi asked when they had all re-surfaced.

“I think we all need to address the bigger question: am I the only one who’s noticing that my legs seem to be stuck together?” Jacob asked.

Esme started shrieking the moment she realized that she couldn’t pull her legs apart. She flew up out of the water and everyone gasped when they saw that Esme’s legs had grown into a navy blue mermaid tail scattered with a few aqua scales.

“Oh my,” Alalia breathed, “that color looks great on you, Esme!”

Pippin cracked up at that remark. “Esme has just grown a mermaid tail and all you care about is that the color looks great on her?” He cracked up again, flying out of the water to reveal a scarlet tail. “I was wondering how long it would take you guys to find out you had tails.”

Vivi, Jacob, and Alalia flew out of the water to see their own tails.

Vivi groaned in despair the moment she saw her glittery fuchsia tail. “Why couldn’t I have a tail like Alalia’s?” She asked, pointing to Alalia’s orange and yellow tail.

“You shouldn’t be the one complaining,” muttered Jacob. Everyone turned to see his vibrant pink mertail.

“It’s a dark pink. Almost red!” Esme tried to assure the blushing Jacob.

“Pink looks great with your hair, Jacob!” Pippin shouted, laughing again.

They all were silenced by a loud crash of thunder as lightning once again lit up the sky.

“My tail is disappearing.” Esme whispered.

“Don’t worry, it’ll come back after a minute in the water.” Pippin assured her. “We can swim faster than we can fly – let’s get out of here!”

Everyone dove back into the water and swam as fast as they could away from the storm. After a good ten minutes of furious swimming, Jacob surfaced and the others followed.

“I think the storm must have passed over us while we swam,” Vivi exclaimed and pointed to the dark clouds that had moved ahead of them.

“So what do we do now?” Esme asked.

“I say we should fly up and look for that mermaid. Maybe she’ll know some of the other items we need for Portal Icxylwocig.” Pippin suggested.

“Or you could always ask me.” A mermaid with caramel-colored hair and green eyes popped out of the water and grinned at them. A red-haired merman swam up beside her with an identical grin.

“Woah, where’d you guys come from? Are you real merpeople?” Vivi asked.

“I think the proper way to say it is ‘merfolk,’ Vivi.” Alalia corrected.

“We don’t see many merfolk in this area,” the merman replied, smiling at Alalia, “and so when we spotted you we thought we’d come say hi. Wendy here heard you talking about ingredients for Portal Icxylwocig, which she has been researching for the past few months.”

“You know about it?” Esme gasped.

“I sure do! And I have the fourth ingredient right here.” Wendy handed them a piece of opalescent shell. A sentence was carved into it in a swirly script.

“Twelve small toadstools! That shouldn’t be all that hard,” Jacob said as he took the shell from Wendy.

“Glad to help! I hope you can make the portal!” Wendy exclaimed as she and the merman did some sort of fancy somersault and disappeared into the crashing waves.

“That was a brief visit.” Pippin snorted as he watched them go.

“Merfolk must be busy people,” Esme nodded.


Wendy sat on the beach as her brilliant green tail slowly melted away. She watched a wave wash onto the shore, abandoning its seafoam as it hurried back to join the other waves.

“I’ve seen two of those people before,” the red-haired man said as he slipped onto the beach to let his tail melt away.

“Which ones?” Wendy asked.

“The one with the pink tail and the girl with the orange and yellow tail. I saw them when I was back in Fairyland.” He heaved a sigh and picked up a mint colored scale that had fallen to the ground. He turned it over in his hand and finally flicked it into the sea, watching it float away like a miniature boat. “Sometimes I wish I’d never left Fairyland. I might not have if I knew that I’d be man when I came into your world. I miss being a boy sometimes.”

“Peter Pan,” Wendy scolded, “I’ve had to tell you to stop being so nostalgic how many times now? And don’t tell me that you don’t like playing the part of the villain! Villains get as much attention as heroes and heroines, and it’s much easier to be bad, isn’t it? Now, I think we should move that little redheaded mermaid to closer confinement before the other children find her. I’ve prepared a nice shiny cage in a swimming pool on my own private island.”

Peter Pan crushed a fistful of fallen scales in his hand, his eyes following Wendy as she stepped into the ocean and disappeared among the waves. He sighed again, kicking angrily at the sand before jumping in after her.

* * * *

The children had decided to fly again. The storm had moved away and the waves sparkled as the sun shone on them. Vivi smiled down at the twinkling waves. They seemed to play tricks on her eyes, making the water look bright green in one spot and red in the next.

Vivi flew down closer to the water and saw that her eyes hadn’t been tricked after all. A mermaid was swimming just below the surface, circling around and around. She was about to call to the others to come and look when she saw two merfolk approach the first mermaid. Vivi squinted against the glaring waves and gasped as she realized the merfolk were Wendy and her red-haired companion. The red-haired merman was carrying a cage. Vivi’s heart pounded in her chest as slowly sank into the water, careful not to make any splashing sounds. Once she was underwater she could hear the merfolk conversing with one another.

“Alright, here’s how this works,” Wendy told the little mermaid, “either you come with me and Pan and we lock you up in this comfy-looking cage on a swimming pool on a tiny island, or you tell me everything you know about Portal Icxylwocig.” She smiled cruelly at the frightened mermaid.

“I-I can’t do that,” the mermaid said.

“Well then, I suppose you’ll have a private island all to yourself for the next few months.” Wendy laughed and nodded at the red-haired merman. His lips were clamped together and his brown eyes burned.

“You be the villain if you want, Wendy, but I’m not going to help you anymore,” he said as he let go of the cage he was holding.

Zielle is up next for chapter four! I can’t wait to see how WordCrafters is going to end.

Are you doing WordCrafters 3? 

Have you done WordCrafters 1 or 2? 

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