The WINNER of the Giveaway


Are you all ready to see who won my giveaway? Remember, there’s a first place and a second place. The person who places first gets either a copy of The Mysterious Benedict Society or The Secret Keepers, (both by Trenton Lee Stewart) along with a custom clay inchworm – if you want it. The person who places second gets the remaining book after the first person picks, and they also can do an interview that will be posted on my blog (if they want to, that is).

So, ready to see who wins? You might have already scrolled all the way down, but if not, here are some pictures in chronological order of my blog (starting with my very first picture posted here).


Wild Jumping Jeff


Megan 5-07-14 170

Megan 037 (1024x576)


Megan E Beery 002

carmen photo shoot 027 (800x600).jpg


Wow, Diamond has certainly grown.

Megan 088

Megan 658

Megan (Hair, Sunset,Gifts, wagon) 011

megan (maple syrup,Snow) 158

Yum, now I’m hungry for snow cream. 😛 I guess that would be one good reason to get snow…

megan 106


Megan (Snake, Mower, Feet) 001

Megan 090

Megan (Joy and Coffebean, Fireworks, Walk, Cows) 028




Megan (Bunnies, Sunset, Sunrise, Walter) 211

Megan (Hot Cocoa, Beany, Maggie) 011


43 thoughts on “The WINNER of the Giveaway

  1. Congrats to the winners!! What kind of inchworm did Rog pick? 😛

    Epic photos, Megan! 😀 How do you make snowcream? 😉


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