Comments Back on!

Sorry guys, the comments were accidentally turned off on my last post! It’s fixed now. 😉

20 thoughts on “Comments Back on!

      1. I’m supposed to tell you that the girl in the collab story’s name was supposed to be KathLyn, instead of KathRyn…just so you know!!! For next time! It’s alright that you did this time! Genna told ME that I did it wrong, then I told HER that that was how it was in YOUR part, and I told HER that I would tell YOU about THAT!!! Does that make any sense????? XD Sooo…just so you know for next time!!!!


  1. Hi Megan! What is this BIBPC contest you had going on? Awww I missed it!! Never mind, next time I’m definitely participating though. Your blog design is really cool, very unique, which we all want right?

    Oh almost forgot, NerdBuZZ won’t be happening this month, it will soon though. However, I do have some other contests coming up…One in which might be today 🙂

    I also have a question: How often do you have contests?

    ~ Rukiya


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