Twigs on Color

A few days ago there was a beautiful sunset! I took a few pictures of it, but then I noticed some dogwood buds and thought they might make a cool picture. I really love how the photos turned out!


I told you it was a pretty sunset! 😀

Another thing. o_O I. Have. Over. Ninety. FOLLOWERS!



OH MY GOODNESS! Wow. Thank you guys ever so much! XD I thought I’d give some tips in case anybody wants them. 😀

  1. Comment. You DO NOT have to follow peoples blogs, but people will likely check out your blog if you comment on their posts!
  2. Look for new blogs. Check out pages that have lists of blogs the blogger likes! Here are some fairly new blogs:

If you have a blog that has 30 or less followers and has been going for a year or less, tell me in the comments and I will add it to this list!

3. Post posts. Duh, you say. But by posts I mean posts! Not just little dittys that don’t say anything.

Well, those are my tips! 😛

One last thing, Mallory, the author of this blog has a birthday today! You can go on over and tell her happy birthday if you want! 😀



54 thoughts on “Twigs on Color

  1. Wow! These pictures are beautiful!:) And congratulations on over ninety followers! That’s HUGE!:D Your blog is awesome!:)


  2. I love those pics!!!!!!! I also have some AMAZING news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEK! My chicks laid their FIRST EGG!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! I’m SO excited!!!!!!!!! Congrats on 93 followers! (even though I already knew XD ) 🙂 😉 I have like 20 followers!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad for EVERY ONE of them!!! XD 😀


      1. Well, they probably don’t have babies in them…I’m gonna sell them, for people to make food and stuff!!! That way I can make some money! A lot of it is going to have to ( XD ) go to Mommy and Daddy for paying for all of their food!!!! XD 😀 🙂 😉 😀 XD 😛 Did Carmen or you do the coloring contest? Are we supposed to post the results tomorrow, or the next day??? I haven’t colored mine yet! :/


      2. Oh yeah, our chickens eggs don’t go to the hatchery either when they first start laying. 🙂
        I think we should do it on the afternoon of Tuesday, so that way people can have a bit more time to color it. 😉 Also, yes! Carmen, I AND Allison have colored our coloring pages!! 😀


      3. OKay! I put her on it! Even though she hasn’t replied! XD I can change it if she replies saying she doesn’t want to! 😛 XD


      4. Okay! Cool! I’m reading this ‘’ right now!


      5. Oh! I wanted to tell you, that I think YOU should write another chapter of Jamie Gillset!!!!!! 🙂 😉 I REALLY 😛 😀 REALLY REALLY want to read more of it!!!!!!!!!!!! I emailed you back! XD


  3. What stunning photos! Sunsets are so gorgeous! The background of my about page on by blog,, is of a sunset.


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