June’s Greatest Memories {Ranch Life’s Monthly Challenge #1}

 June was awesome. It was the first of summer vacation, a month where we got to go to our neighbor’s pool whenever, and the month where we had our first campfire of the summer. In one of the first weeks in June, we went to a river with some friends. The river was extremely cold, … Continue reading June’s Greatest Memories {Ranch Life’s Monthly Challenge #1}

Bees, Flowers, and Swallowtails

Vedui', everyone. (Aren't elves great?) Today my two brothers and I went up to our grandparent's house to work on our path. I was taking a big stick back to a brush pile and when I came back a saw a bumblebee buzzing around some bugleweed. I grabbed my camera and took a few photos. Then I … Continue reading Bees, Flowers, and Swallowtails

Cherry Tree Photography

Hey! In my last post I mentioned that we walked to our grandma's house to take pictures of her flowering almond. Actually.... I was wrong. We looked it up and it's really a cherry tree. 😛 Whoops!  But I didn't put a picture on, I was saving that for this post. 😀 These trees are so pretty. I … Continue reading Cherry Tree Photography

Some Photography Snippets

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by to read this post. 🙂 I have collected quite a few 'Photography Snippets' and I thought I'd share a few with you! 😀 Here they are. 🙂   Our friend's new puppy. 🙂 You can't hardly tell he's a dog because he's so curly!   Our grandpa's chickens. ↓ Which … Continue reading Some Photography Snippets

A Bubbly Post

Hi Guys! Who realized that this week is Bubble Week? XD Isn’t that such a wonderful idea? Also... if you aren't wearing green, then pinch your self. I would pinch you myself, but I can't quite reach through the screen. 😛 Or maybe you are reading this and its not St. Patrick's day. If so, … Continue reading A Bubbly Post

Salamander and (Yay!) Flowers

On Monday we went on a walk through some woods on our property and I got many pictures of a salamander and flowers. The salamander is a Red Backed Salamander in case you needed to know. 😀 We also have a few Jefferson Salamanders on our farm. He scurried about, so in some images there's … Continue reading Salamander and (Yay!) Flowers

Black and White Roses

This post is going to be real short, but I wanted to share these photos with you. 🙂   What was your favorite? Do you like my watermark? I think it's a little big though... :/ Oh! I've been meaning to tell you guys that I'm doing a pet contest here! 😀 Pet Contest Is … Continue reading Black and White Roses

Silhouettes Against the Sky

Here's some more photography! I love the black leaves against the brilliant blue sky. 🙂 I had more but they wouldn't load. 😦 But I'm happy to say I have mastered the word sillhouette! XD Oh wait... I did two Ls! XD Here is a quiz for you! Click HERE. Tell me how you did! … Continue reading Silhouettes Against the Sky

Twigs on Color

A few days ago there was a beautiful sunset! I took a few pictures of it, but then I noticed some dogwood buds and thought they might make a cool picture. I really love how the photos turned out! I told you it was a pretty sunset! 😀 Another thing. o_O I. Have. Over. Ninety. FOLLOWERS! o_OContinue reading Twigs on Color

Boring into Beautiful Photography Contest Teams + 1st Category

I don't know, that might just be my longest title yet! ^^' Exciting, exciting, exciting! Ahem. Team Daffodil: mbrown110504 The Camera Lens (Rachael) Suzy Nicole (The Secret Life of an Irish Dancer) Sunny Feel free to say hi in the comments or check out your teammate's blogs! 😀 Now for team Violet: Rebekah Allison K.A. … Continue reading Boring into Beautiful Photography Contest Teams + 1st Category

Carmen Photoshoot

I took some cute pictures of Carmen on the swing awhile ago. Here you are! Do you think there were to many sunspots? Which was your favorite photo? Also, if you want to enter for BIBPC, enter today! I will post the teams and the first category tomorrow! Yay! Just click on the green words … Continue reading Carmen Photoshoot

Introducing… BIBPC!

And what is BIBPC, you ask? It stands for Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest! I'm gonna try to explain it for you. Lets see how this goes. BIBPC is a contest where photographers can compete with each other. You will be organized into teams and given a category to take a photo of. When you have taken the photo … Continue reading Introducing… BIBPC!

I Just Got My Camera, I Just Got My Camera!

Does that title remind anyone of Blue's Clues? Anyone? But the title is right! I got my camera!!! I'm afraid you will have to brace yourself, because I will be spouting out millions of exclamation points... xD I ordered my camera about a week ago and it said it would arrive from December 12th to … Continue reading I Just Got My Camera, I Just Got My Camera!