Mulberry Picking

Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 012

Yay! The mulberries are ripe! On Tuesday Jeff and I went up to a fence row in a pasture where there were some very long mulberries.  We spread a blanket on the ground and shook the branch until we had a lot. Then we sorted out the green ones, the over ripe ones and the (very yucky and annoying) bugs.

On Wednesday night Jeff and I used the mulberries we picked and made a pie. Yummy yum yum!

We also went picking just this morning. We do nature study with some of our friends and we studied mulberries this time.  They are actually pretty interesting.  But this is about picking, not studying, and besides, it’s summer vacation!! 

Shaking the tree…

Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 016

Now we gather the sides so all the berries roll to the middle….

Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 017

Mulberries are good, aren’t they Maggie?

Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 019

Some red and even green berries shake off too so we sort them out.

Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 022

This should be a good pie!

Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 038

Have you tasted mulberries before?



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    1. Hmmm, this is hard to describe. They are never sour unless they aren’t ripe, and they have sort of a succulent texture. (My older sister told me to tell you that, I really don’t know what it means) They are sort of sweet, and sometimes almost tasteless. It is really hard to describe/


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