I love making ATCs.  I think I have somewhere around 40 of them at the moment and still counting! If you don’t know what they are, I highly suggest you go to Haley’s blog HERE.  She talks about ATCs HERE. Anyways, I am going to post some pictures of mine.  The first ‘batch’ of pictures are of my ATCs and the next are of the ones I traded to get.

All of mine together.

Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 004

These are my favorites- #1

Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 005

#2 (I know, this looks super weird),

Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 006


Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 007

and #4.

Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 008

These are the ones I traded for.

Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 001

This one was done by a two year old!☺

Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 002

This one was done by my friend Loren, the owner of Happy House of AG.

Megan (ATCs, Mulberries) 003

ATCs are so much fun to make!


11 thoughts on “My ATCs

    1. Yep! Aren’t I awesome!? Just kidding! We were both in the same grade in our homeschool co-op. I was like that when I learned you were friends with Rebekah. ATCs are so fun! I even have one from Georgia! ( which is pretty far away from where I live)

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      1. You are awesome! I’m hoping to post a cool ATC background technique soon. and I’m planning on sharing this post in my post, if that’s ok! How did you get the card from Georgia? I have some from Canada and Asia!


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