Make your own Postcard! 🌈

If you ever want to send someone a postcard and don’t have any, just make one!


You will need: cardstock, glossy paper(if you don’t have any that’s just fine. You can use normal paper), pencil, scissors, ruler, and a photo.


1.  Make a 4 x 6 inch rectangle on the cardstock or trace around an already made post card like I did. Then cut it out.


DSCN2768 DSCN2772 - Copy


2. Then, got to the place where you store your pictures (on your computer), right click on the one you want, and click print. When a block pops up click on 4×6 and click print. (I printed it out on glossy paper.)

post card


3. Now, cut out the picture and glue it with Elmer’s glue onto the cardstock rectangle.



4. Draw a line through the middle, and there you have it!


This is another post card I made.



Hope you liked it!


So long!








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