Jamie Gillset~ Chapter 7 + Announcement

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When the thing started barking, Jamie was pretty sure that this wasn’t a bear.  She stood up, still keeping her distance.

“Is this Jumbo?” she asked.

“Yes, this is Jumbo, and I’m sorry for not telling you that he was a dog, I am sure he is pretty frightening at first glance.”  Jessica climbed out the door and reached her hand down to help Jamie up.

“That’s okay.  I like dogs, but I thought he was a bear when I saw him.”

Jessica started laughing.  Her laugh was loud, but Jamie liked it.  Jessica laughed for a long time until finally she stopped, stood up, and started walking down the path.

“Don’t say funny things too often or I might wear out!  I can laugh about basically anything, funny or not.”  Jessica grinned at Jamie.

Jamie grinned back and they walked down the path in silence for the next little while.

Soon they got to a patch in the woods with tiny bright red dots scattered about like confetti.

“Oh!  They are so cute!” Jamie exclaimed.

“Try one!”  Jessica popped a big one into her mouth.  Jamie did likewise.

“PLET!” Jamie spit the strawberry out and made a face.

“I am assuming you don’t like them?”

“No! Are these even strawberries?”  To Jamie the berries were like the dried strawberries you get in cereal mashed up and mixed with water.

“Oh, you learn to like them.  Come on!  Pick some!  I think it’s kind of fun.”

It was fun! They picked for what Jamie thought was about an hour and a half and got half of a basket full.  They could have gotten more, but Jamie thought it was so funny that Jumbo liked to eat them and kept feeding him.

Later Jessica found some morels and they picked those too.  Morels are mushrooms, and they look really strange.  They are tall and rather odd shaped with deep wrinkles.

Then Jamie realized that she hadn’t even eaten breakfast yet so they went back to Jessica’s. Jamie shared her breakfast with Jessica which turned out to be four delicious omelets, four slices of bacon, an apple (which Jessica cut with her cleaned-off pocket knife), and a thermos of apple juice.

Jamie was glad she had someone to share it with or she could never have finished it.

This is a picture I drew of Jessica. 🙂Megan 162

Ugh. It won’t turn right.

This was kind of a quick drawing, but I hope you like it!


And the announcement.  After I did the Button giveaway, Josie from Josie on the Go asked me if I wanted to do a button making swap. I said yes! We both made each other buttons and it was really fun!

Then she came up with another great idea. A monthly button/sign off giveaway!!


Since Josie explains it SO much better than I do, just go to her post HERE to read about it.

Then comment on her post or mine!

Here are some things I have made.

josieonthego3blueeyesgrayeyes buttonbuttonwUntitledabunnywithablog2buttonsdfjith

Woah! I have made a lot! 😛

Bye now! 🙂

38 thoughts on “Jamie Gillset~ Chapter 7 + Announcement

  1. When my family goes hiking my sister and I used to pretend we were forest fairies and could only eat whatever wild thing we saw. Often times it was crab apples, grapes, or raspberries all of which were VERY sour!


      1. I also want to share it on Pinterest & We Heart It, but it requires a picture from the post. It won’t let me share the actual blog button pictures, so do I just share your signature, and put in the description of the pin that you’re doing a giveaway? 🙂


      1. Hi again! TY! I was wondering… I shared on Pinterest, WeHeartIt, and Google+ Do thoe count as extra enteries? If not, that’s fine, I was just wondering! 🙂


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