AG Fan Meet-up 2015

For AG fans…

Happy House of AG

How many of you remember the AG Fan Meet-up I did in 2014? Actually, it doesn’t really matter whether you do or not, because I’m doing another one!

That’s right. I’m going to fill you in on the awesomeness of the AG Fan Meet-up 2015!

AG Fan Meet-up 2015 poster

My AG Fan Meet-ups aren’t the kind where we all go to an American Girl store together. The goal is for you to meet fellow doll lovers in your area. The meet-up will last five days, but of course you don’t have to participate the whole time.

Here’s what you need to know:

When: September 7-11.

Where: wherever you are!

Why: so you can meet other American Girl fans in your area.

How do we find you: I’m getting to that . . .

There will be a specific color of shirt that you should wear each day. For example, Monday you’d wear blue, Tuesday…

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