An Attempt at Fishing

Hello there! Thanks for reading this post. This past weekend two of my cousins came down to our new farm and then went home Sunday. On Saturday we decided we'd try fishing. We wanted some bait so we went to the Dollar General to try to find a net. We found no nets there and … Continue reading An Attempt at Fishing

Crawly Creatures

I hope I haven't scared anyone away with that title... 😛 This post is a photography post. I have some photos of snails and worms. Okay, now I probably scared away even more people... XD But they really aren't bad at all. Snails are great and worms are quite useful. Anyway, here are the photos! … Continue reading Crawly Creatures

Ode to Worms

Yep!  That's right!  Another ode (you can see the other one HERE).   And this time it is about worms! Ode to Worms By Megan Worms are nice and pinkish-tan And usually they are squishy, But still we put them in a can And feed them to a fishy.  . On a sidewalk crisp and dry Lies … Continue reading Ode to Worms