Sunny Buttercups & Sulky Felines

Hello everyone! A few days ago I was taking some pictures for Hannah's photography contest, and I decided to photograph some of the buttercups that are everywhere right now. I was originally taking a picture of our black cat, Jinx, with a buttercup crown for the contrast category, so I'll start with those photos. Allison … Continue reading Sunny Buttercups & Sulky Felines


Grass and Fleabane Photogrpahy

How is everyone today? 🙂 Fleabane is such a horrible name for this wildflower, and very un-poetical. 😛 Oh well. I hope my photography makes up for it! 😀 Fleabane: Grass Heads: That last picture is my fifth picture for the seven day nature challenge. I'm not sure if it's a grass head, but whatever. … Continue reading Grass and Fleabane Photogrpahy