Maggie Doesn’t Like Baths

Hello everyone! Maggie does not like baths. At all. She doesn't like anyone putting anything wet on her, but then when she's hot she'll go lie down in the creek. Silly dog. Anyway, a week or two ago Carmen begged us to help her take Maggie a bath. Not that she needed one... First we tied … Continue reading Maggie Doesn’t Like Baths

Gosling Creek Water Wheel

Do any of you remember that I said we made a waterfall on our creek? We also made a water wheel! It's out of a oyster bucket ( XD ) so it's not beautiful or anything... but it is neat! 😀 It's called "Gosling Creek Water Wheel" because we (er.. I) decided to call our trickle … Continue reading Gosling Creek Water Wheel

BIBPC Category #6

Only one category after this! 😮 I hope you enjoyed your bonus day, we had company almost all day! Here is each team's total points and who I got entries from. 🙂 I will be SO surprised if someone finds this secret note! Suzy Nicole (The Secret Life of an Irish Dancer) Sunny  Points: 185 … Continue reading BIBPC Category #6

Flash Flood!

It has been so rainy around here the last couple days.  On Tuesday we had a flash flood!  I like flash floods. 😊  I have a waterproof camera case and I was taking the pictures while it was still raining, so that's why there are water spots on some of the pictures. Do you see … Continue reading Flash Flood!

Picture of the Week⛲️

A picture I took in Rhode Island.

Sail Boats ⛵️

On our vacation to Rhode Island we saw lots of  sail boats, here are a few.                

Fair Pictures 🌅

 I have some pictures I took and I think I will enter some in our county fair.  Here are the pictures.  I have labled them so if you would like you can comment and say which one you like the best. A  B  CD  So long!Megan😉

A Hike in the Mountains 🌄

Last Friday we went hiking at Skyline drive with some friends from church.  We walked on the Dark Hollow Falls trail.  We had walked about 25 feet down the trail when some of the crew needed to go to the bathroom.  while they went down to the visitor center the rest of us (including me) played at … Continue reading A Hike in the Mountains 🌄

Waterfall at Dark Hollow Falls, Skyline Drive 💧

This waterfall was the reward of our hike, a very beautiful reward.