Carmen’s Guest Post

Valentine's Day. 🙂 Valentine's day is about love. So that's why we celebrate it. It's special. I love Valentine's Day because you get candy and it's just fun! But I also like Christmas. That's better but I like Valentines too. Why I'm talking about Valentines is because I am making a story about Valentine's Day.  … Continue reading Carmen’s Guest Post

Pet Life Lately

I feel in the mood for something more.... Hmm. Animalish? Funnyish? Yeah, those kind of word the spell check doesn't like. :/ XD Here are some words from Jinx about life lately. He may have made just a few typos, but he was very excited to tell you something. JINX (Cat) Oh, my dear readers, … Continue reading Pet Life Lately

A Valentine Cat

Here is a short story I made up.  Happy Valentines Day! A Valentine Cat By Megan It all happened early one Valentines morning. I, who am 10, was downstairs eating a breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, and an apple when I heard a little meow. It came from outside on the doorstep. I opened the … Continue reading A Valentine Cat