Coffee Bean’s Close Encounter

Hi! Maybe you remember me saying something about a 'kitten photo story' back in the poll I did.  Well, I had taken some photos of the kittens a while back and decided that I'd take the rest later. Well, uh, lets just say that I kinda forgot about it, and discovered that kitties grow up. But … Continue reading Coffee Bean’s Close Encounter

Jamie Gillset – Chapter 4

Ready for chapter four? 4 Jamie started in surprise.  This girl looked like the same girl that had been riding the horse in her dream.  She had the same ginger hair but her eyes were different.  They were a bluish gray. She had on a blue shirt and on it was a watermelon with sunglasses.  … Continue reading Jamie Gillset – Chapter 4

Jamie Gillset~Preface and Chapter 1

I have been working on a story for a while and I decided to share it with you.  Jamie Gillset probably won't be the real title, but I can't think of any title for it so that'll have to do.  It's about seven pages long so far and it would be longer, but somehow it … Continue reading Jamie Gillset~Preface and Chapter 1

A Valentine Cat

Here is a short story I made up.  Happy Valentines Day! A Valentine Cat By Megan It all happened early one Valentines morning. I, who am 10, was downstairs eating a breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, and an apple when I heard a little meow. It came from outside on the doorstep. I opened the … Continue reading A Valentine Cat