Best of 2016 – FINISHED

It's over! The Best of 2016 Blogging Awards is officially done. Now it's time to see what the wonderful nominees won. Let's get started, shall we? To see the nominees, go here. (Also, I'm not sure what's up with some of the text on that post. It got all weird.) Best New Blog - The Daydreaming … Continue reading Best of 2016 – FINISHED

The Searcher of Acorns

Hello guys! This post was inspired by Grace. 🙂 It's in the POV of an imaginary bird, but I did go acorn-searching on Monday. 😛 I was up in my tree, surveying the surroundings of my woods. All was peaceful. The leaves were falling off the trees and every now and then I heard the plunk … Continue reading The Searcher of Acorns

A Photography Failure

Last Wednesday I decided to take a picture of the sun every minute as it went down. I have written down the account of what happened. I get done helping mom with supper and it's 6:20. I grab my camera and tripod and head out the door. I'm aiming to be back in ten minutes … Continue reading A Photography Failure

My WordCrafters Chapter

Hey there! 🙂 Today I have my chapter for WordCrafters, a story chain for bloggers. 😉 Check out all the other chapters HERE. Devin glanced around at the warriors. Then he looked back at the old man and shrugged.  “Just as well. I was getting bored anyway.” And he took Esme by the hand and started … Continue reading My WordCrafters Chapter

The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 11}

{See parts 1-10 by clicking on these words} Inchy B crept up to Alfred S. All of the other worms were dancing and laughing, but Itchy wasn’t. “Play ‘Old Inchworms at Home,’ please! It’s one of Itchy’s favorites.’ Inchy B whispered into Alfred’s ear Alfred pulled out a remote, pressed a button, and a new … Continue reading The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 11}

The Adventures of Inchy B {Part NINE}

Hey! (is for rabbits) WOW. I'm posting part nine of this photo story series! I consider this an accomplishment. xD I estimate about... three more parts left. See all of the other eight parts HERE. Inchy B came to herself as she was already flying out the door. It took her about thirty seconds to … Continue reading The Adventures of Inchy B {Part NINE}

The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 8}

Everyone ready? This is getting SO exciting! Part nine is going to be great. 😀 I think... 😉 Go HERE to see all of the other parts so far. Inchy B counted them. Inchworms aren't noted for their counting skills, but she was pretty sure there were around 15 of the worms. They were all … Continue reading The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 8}

Book Review: Anne of Ingleside

  Hey guys! I was supposed to write a review for school, so I thought why not post it on here? 😀 I wrote this a while ago. 😉 Title: Anne of Ingleside (Book #6 of the Anne of Green Gables Series) Author: L.M. Montgomery Published: 1939 Number of Pages: 277 Genre: Novel Summary: Anne is now … Continue reading Book Review: Anne of Ingleside

My WordCrafters Chapter

Allison and Josie created WordCrafters and its my turn now! You can go to this page to see all the chapters so far. 🙂 Here is my chapter. I mixed a bunch more fairytales into this one! 😀 I linked to myself just so that Allison wouldn't have to. 😉 Chapter 11 by Megan Alalia … Continue reading My WordCrafters Chapter

Another Story from of Old – The Magical Jelly Bean

Here is another story from of old! I think I wrote this when I was a little older. 🙂 If you want to see my other one, click HERE. The Magical Jelly Bean By Megan One fine morning Kathy who was 10 woke up & looked out her window. “Why!” she said, “I don’t remember … Continue reading Another Story from of Old – The Magical Jelly Bean

My Story for C.W.W.C.

Loren is doing a writing challenge over at her blog Blue Eyes Gray Eyes. Here is my story. I munched on my peanut butter, cheese, and honey sandwich while looking into my cup of hot tea.  With my imagination I turned it into a gloomy forest.  Tall and foreboding trees rose up from the center … Continue reading My Story for C.W.W.C.

A Story From of Old (Illustrations Included)

I wrote this story on our computer a long time ago. Maybe when I was seven? Anyway, it was awhile ago, but it is still on the computer! I also have the 'illustrations' I drew using the app Paint. There may be typos, because I am pretty sure this is the original. Enjoy! 😀 By Megan The … Continue reading A Story From of Old (Illustrations Included)

Jamie Gillset~ Chapter 6

 See chapter one HERE, two HERE, three HERE, four HERE, and five HERE. 6 “So how did you make this place?”  Jamie asked. “Oh, I didn’t make all of it.  Actually, I was going to make a small one but I when I started digging, I found there was already a hole.  Not this big, … Continue reading Jamie Gillset~ Chapter 6