The Adventures of Inchy B {Part NINE}

Hey! (is for rabbits) WOW. I'm posting part nine of this photo story series! I consider this an accomplishment. xD I estimate about... three more parts left. See all of the other eight parts HERE. Inchy B came to herself as she was already flying out the door. It took her about thirty seconds to … Continue reading The Adventures of Inchy B {Part NINE}

Jamie Gillset~ Chapter 6

 See chapter one HERE, two HERE, three HERE, four HERE, and five HERE. 6 “So how did you make this place?”  Jamie asked. “Oh, I didn’t make all of it.  Actually, I was going to make a small one but I when I started digging, I found there was already a hole.  Not this big, … Continue reading Jamie Gillset~ Chapter 6