Happy Spring!

It is officially spring now. Even if it is just fifty-three degrees and cloudy outside, the calendar says that it’s spring, so maybe the weather will live up to that now.

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Some Photography Snippets

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by to read this post. 🙂

I have collected quite a few ‘Photography Snippets’ and I thought I’d share a few with you! 😀 Here they are. 🙂


Megan 117
Our friend’s new puppy. 🙂 You can’t hardly tell he’s a dog because he’s so curly!

Megan (Photogrpahy, bunnies, farm) 085Megan (Photogrpahy, bunnies, farm) 011Megan (Photogrpahy, bunnies, farm) 002Megan 020Megan 052


Our grandpa’s chickens. ↓

Megan 073

Megan 101

Megan 108

Which of those 11 snippets did you like the best? 🙂


I learned something quite surprising the other day; Jinx doesn’t like swings! Who would have guessed that a cat wouldn’t like swings? 😛

Mint Brownies

Hey everyone!

In celebration of spring, I will do a recipe post. And what does that have to do with spring, do you ask? Uh… nothing really. Hehe. 😛 Continue reading “Mint Brownies”

Bunny Day and Clouds

March has come in like a lion. Tuesday was rather windy, Wednesday was in the thirties, on Thursday it snowed, and on Friday it didn’t get above 45. Right now it is hanging around forty.

Anyway, on Sunday it was marvelous! Our cousin walked home with us from our grandmother’s house and after a few tears from a Carmen that needed to go to take a nap, we ran outside to get some rabbits. All of them got at least an hour outside in the sunshine. Only Clementine needed a leash, the rest just stayed in the shade of the umbrellas, venturing out every now and then.

Ready for some pictures?

A bunny day is…

… riding in wheel barrows…

DSCN3135 (1280x960).jpg

…being held rather awkwardly…

DSCN3134 (2).jpg


DSCN3160 (1280x960)

…lying in the shade of an umbrella…

DSCN3176 (1280x960)

…giving humans ‘the look’ when they put earthworms on your head…

DSCN3187 (1280x960)
Okay, that’s kinda gross. XD

…on guard…

DSCN3163 (1280x960)

… being cool with the humans…

DSCN3167 (1280x960)

… sniffing cameras…

DSCN3204 (1280x960)

… modeling for mud rabbits…

DSCN3223 (1280x960)

… and that’s a bunny day!

I loved writing that! 😀 We had so much fun last Sunday. 🙂 I can’t wait for warm weather, brownie stands, flowers, and… come quickly spring!

To wrap this up, how about a quick cloud collage?

Are you looking forwards to spring?


 Which do you like better, daffodils or tulips? I think I lean slightly towards tulips because there’s more variety, but I love the sunniness of bright yellow daffodils!


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!  Flowers!  Robins! Warmth! Green! SPRING!  Aahhh!  Did you know that I like Spring?

It is finally getting warm around here!  On Monday it almost got up to 70.  Crocuses are coming up, robins are bobbin’,  and our creek has melted.  I took some pictures as proof even! Enjoy!☻

It appears that cameras do not like crocuses.  (at least mine doesn’t)  This might be the best one I got of the crocuses.

megan 042


megan 062 megan 044

Lovely little blue flower.

megan 078

I know Henbit isn’t the prettist of flowers, but it’ll do!

megan 081


megan 087

I love this picture of the ducks!

megan 106


megan 107


A Hike in the Mountains 🌄

Last Friday we went hiking at Skyline drive with some friends from church.  We walked on the Dark Hollow Falls trail.  We had walked about 25 feet down the trail when some of the crew needed to go to the bathroom.  while they went down to the visitor center the rest of us (including me) played at a little creek.

Megan 122


It was so green that you could just point your camera up and get a beautiful picture.

Megan 145

We saw lots of plants like ferns,

Megan 142


Megan 146 Megan 139

VERY thick moss,

Megan 163


and, of course, lots of trees.

Megan 131

We also saw lots of creatures like millipeades, ants, fish, crawdad,

A snail,

Megan 188

 and two newts or salamanders.

Megan 255

When we reached our destination we had a big snack while enjoying the view of the waterfall.


We passed several mini waterfalls on the way there.

Megan 173Megan 155Megan 150

We ended the day by eating supper at our friends house and then roasting marshmallows.

So long!


If you want the story told by Allison go here.


Spring Snow ❄



Whew! This year has certainly had a lot of snow! I think we have had about 8 snows in the last 3 months. We have gone ice skating, sledding, had snowball fights, and LOTS of hot coca! In between all the snow we have had 68 degree weather, daffodils, and sunshine. Today it snowed again. 😐 I am more than ready for spring. Why can’t it snow and then stay warm?! Oh well, I guess I’ll be wanting snow in the fall again. At least I got some good pictures! Here are some of them.




Logan, Jeff, and I made this big (dirty) snowball



RSCN2315 (2)





Jinx, looking forlornly out at the cold world.



And speaking of snow, here is a link were you can make online  snowflakes. I have made several here. Once you’re there you just click on create your own snowflake and then once you see a white triangle on it you left click and hold while making designs.

Here are pictures of the site. Click on the picture on the left.

Capture snpwdays


So long