A Few DSLR Tidbits

Today I'm going to be sharing some of my photography I've taken over the last little while with my sister's DSLR. I don't regularly use it, but Allison does let me take pictures with it occasionally.

Various Photography Tidbits

I have various bits of photography from the past week or two (or three), and today I have a collaboration of some of my favorite photos. Enjoy!

Winter Wonderland

We finally got snow!  And tons of it. 😀 I didn't get extremely many photos, but at least you can see how much we got! Wow.. I guess I did actually get pretty many photos! XD Here is a GIF of snow falling. 😀 It's kinda jerky... :/ How many of you guys got snow? … Continue reading Winter Wonderland

Photo of the Week ~ 12-21-15

Maggie's nose! News: I have recently written some guest posts! If you want to read them you can see my interview with K.A. HERE,  my post on how to make gift tags that I did on Hayley's blog HERE, and my guest post about some of my art on Genna's new blog HERE. We got... oh … Continue reading Photo of the Week ~ 12-21-15

The Quest of the Yo-Yon Flower- Part Three!🌺

Annnnd now, Ladies and Gentlemen, we present, the long awaited for... Quest of the Yo-Yon Flower-PART THREE!! Thank you, thank you very much! So, as I mentioned in other posts, I thought I couldn't finish this series because I did not have a stuffed penguin, but I thought up a genius solution for this problem.  You will … Continue reading The Quest of the Yo-Yon Flower- Part Three!🌺

The Quest of the Yo-Yon Flower-Part 2🌺

You can read the first part here. Ashley had been walking for about half an hour when she heard barking. "Mudpie!" She exclaimed.  "No! you can't come with me!" Mudpie looked up at her and whined. "Please Mudpie!" Ashley begged. "Pleease go home!" Mudpie looked at her and sat down. "I guess Mudpie will need someone to … Continue reading The Quest of the Yo-Yon Flower-Part 2🌺

Spring Snow ❄

    Whew! This year has certainly had a lot of snow! I think we have had about 8 snows in the last 3 months. We have gone ice skating, sledding, had snowball fights, and LOTS of hot coca! In between all the snow we have had 68 degree weather, daffodils, and sunshine. Today it … Continue reading Spring Snow ❄