BIBPC Category #3

Wow! The third category! 😀 I got photos from The Camera Lens (Rachael) Nicole (The Secret Life of an Irish Dancer) Total Points: 77 I got photos from Rebekah Allison K.A. Danielle Christian Homeschooler Points: 102 I got photos from Shannon Mallory Hayley Genna Points: 101 (Dalmations XD) I got photos from Loren Josie Nicole … Continue reading BIBPC Category #3

Button/Sign-Off Giveaway WINNER!

Are you guys ready to see who won?  Of course so! But sadly only one person could win. 😦 No worries though! I will try to do this again sometime. Maybe when I get two hundred posts! Only fifty more to go. 🙂 Also Nicole is doing a giveaway like this which you can see on her post HERE. … Continue reading Button/Sign-Off Giveaway WINNER!